Beta Patch 4: Audio Feedback

  • Beta Patch 4 introduced some new audio additions, especially a lot of new voice lines for the Knight class. Here are my impressions.

    In general, the new Knight voice commands sound too different from the older ones. I do recognize that they were made by the same actor but still, their quality seems worse. The new voice lines sound too quiet and too high-pitched. All the Agathian Knight “mobile” battlecires seem to have a high-frequency harmonic in them which causes a weird, resonance-like effect when they are played simultaneously by several players. Almost all of the new Knight voice commands lack “power” and don’t sound right. Many feel forced. That’s especially evident when compared to the classic AoC ones.

    The addition of victory themes was a much needed one. The Mason one sounds good and I like it. However the Agathian one sounds a bit… cheesy. Reminds me of some mid-90’s fantasy strategy game. I think there’s too much synthetic fanfare in it. It should be more like the excellent Agathian objective complete music with more snare drums and a strictly militaristic feel.

    The commander shouts are more or less OK, although the acting quality varies. They should be a bit louder though.

    I don’t want to be overly critical here since I really like the general audio quality of the game, but I feel that new additions in this field seem a bit rushed and could use some more work.

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