Archers in duels

  • I don’t think it’s right to be forced to play against an archer in duel mode.

    They get 3-5 free shots at the beginning of every duel (Official duel servers run Moor 24/7 now). If they have a decent defense, their melee is not bad at all. Hatchets, throwing knifes and oil pots are removed but archers are allowed to have their ranged weaponry.

    I play knight and I don’t actually lose those matches but I can imagine how frustrating it is to play maa or vanguard against an archer. So this is not actually crying because I lose, more like crying because the fights are terrible and boring. Plus a lot of archers like to run away, coupled with the broken chase mechanic it can be very frustrating.

    In my opinion, either archers shouldn’t have ranged weapons in duels just like the other classes or there should be an option not to be pitted against an archer.

  • The game should uninstall itself every time you choose archer in duel mode.

  • I actually like using melee Archer in duel (plus you got a tool to deal with non-melee Archers and runners) but I think ranged weapons should either be disabled or allowed for all classes. I prefer the first option as throwables can get pretty silly, too.

    As for Javelineers: I enjoy fighting them much more than going against Men at Arms. Which is also an argument for allowing throwables - and against it because MaA would be stupid to fight against.

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  • Archers should be banned from duel servers or at least their ranged weapons.

  • The only problem with Archers in duel is that the duel menu is just ridiculously hypocritical.
    Archers get crossbows, warbows and even javelins, but we’re limited to smoke bombs as our only projectile? Good thinking, TB.

    Either ban Archers from duel or remove the lock from throwing axes and throwing knives.

  • Shortsword 2stronk

  • Throwables aren’t the equivalent of a heavy crossbow that 1 shot headshots every class in the game to the head. Remove every ranged throwable and weapon in duel mode, duels are meant to be melee.

  • Maa have a shield and dodge and are fast. The only class that is actually somewhat vulnerable is vanguards, but mostly noobs play that class in duels anyway. Most people that complain are the one who get killed by an archer who has superior skill than them, not because archers are overpowered or anything in duels.

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  • Oh look, this thread again.

  • You could categorize these forums into two sections. Feints and archers.

    I don’t do duels, but I could imagine archers being annoying.

  • you mean 3 catagories,
    nerf it
    archer hate
    feint whining

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