Issue with Launcher + using 32 bit game instead of 64 with win 8.1 64 bit

  • As mentioned in topic name I have win 8.1 64 bit. And I have to play in Chiv on 32 bit, launched by SDK Launch game founded in stemapps… My launcher doesn’t force game to launch in 32 bit. It’s 64 all the time and it sucks a lot have no idea why. Performance on 64 bit is very low, everything is slower. Does someone have an idea what is going on and why launcher does not force 32 bit ?


  • Developer

    If I’m understanding this: You’re checking the “force 32-bit” box in the launcher, but the game is still starting in 64-bit (and it shows as such in the title bar), right?

  • In simple words, yes. And that’s why I have to run game via ‘SDK - launch game’ if it’s gonna be playable. Anyway, I have noticed also, that there is difference between running game via CMW.exe and UDK.exe both placed in Binnaries/Win32. Performance while running via CMW is same as on 64 bit, with UDK is smooth. Open Broadcaster Software does not ‘find’ the source of video running with UDK, with CMW it does but its not playable.

  • Developer

    CMW.exe and UDK.exe are the same (we literally do a copy on UDK.exe after it’s compiled). If you have programs or drivers that are looking for UDK.exe by name they might cause different behaviour for CMW.exe (we changed the default executable name after contacting NVIDIA and AMD to set up driver profiles for the game…). We’ll look into the launcher not starting the 64-bit version, but that code is so straightforward it’s strange that it’s failing.

  • “We’ll look into the launcher not starting the 64-bit version”

    It forces me to play in 64 bit version, but I want to play in 32 bit. So look into launcher not starting 32-bit version ;)

  • What is the progress ?

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