DLC I would gladly pay for - New Assault modes with King, Queen, Prince and Steward.

  • So whatever your preferred class is, if you spawn as King in Citadel or Stoneshill you will always be a super Knight. With my dream DLC, TB would produce 2-3 new TO Assault maps with interesting objectives, and at the end, depending on your class, you get to play as different variations of King:

    King - Same as before. A Knight with 3 weapons and extra armor.

    Queen - Spawn as the Queen when you earn top-points as an archer and the new objective starts. She has two bows - a crossbow and a Short-bow with more power. Has slowly regenerating ammo. Third weapon is a poison blade. Only female in the game lols.

    Steward - Spawn as the Steward when you earn top-points as a Vanguard

    Prince - Spawn as the Prince when you earn top-points as a Man At Arms.

    In addition I would love to see side-objectives alongside the main objective that make attacking easier to complete. Imagine on Citadel if there was a large, central drawbridge you could lower that makes freeing the slaves easier, but to lower the drawbridge you need to break down a barricade to the drawbridge lever. Or on Stoneshill if you could release plague rats that kill peasants for you. Stuff like this that enhances the game.

  • If I were to be the queen, I’d assassinate the king and rule over the peasantdome myself.

    Well, in all seriousness, I’m all for such map enhancements. Those listed by you are nice, although a demigoddess archer could easily rule over the map.

    After playing the TO maps over and over, it would be nice to see some additions to them. And just like you, mr. RockandGrohl, I would pay for it… maybe not too much, but e.g. 2euros should be reasonable enough.

  • interesting ideas to say the least I would like to see more and different types of kings/maps we need a quarter staff monk king with the lord as his armor!

  • I like that the archer is a queen. It fits with his manly voice.

  • @gndo:

    I like that the archer is a queen. It fits with his manly voice.

    “Well, aren’t you handsome! Care for a dance?”

  • Agree with this, more variety in maps and objectives is always a good thing.

  • I’m sure TBS answer to this will be “Maybe in Chivalry 3”.

    Might as well get modding, make your own cool TO map, and get the big $$prize.

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