Why was this game abandoned?

  • i really fucking enjoyed this game, made me get back into Chivalry after MW was wrecked with bubbles and invisible walls out the wazoo.

    it hasn’t received a patch since close to the time it was released and could really use a TO or new weapons.

    but hey, nobody plays DW anyway because torn banner doesn’t want to update it.

    the cycle continues.

  • noone plays it because its total utter dogshit.

    And its good that they finally saw the light and abandoned it, because it already took precious development away from MW, which sorely needed it at the time DW was being faffed around with to no discernible point nor purpose. It was predicted to be a total flop by pretty much everyone months before it even came out, why did they even bother…


  • Deadliest Warriors has not been abandoned. With a small team like ours we need to shift our focus to provide the best quality for all of our titles. Please try to remain patient.

  • People on this forum are so negative and always complaining about everything. I for one really like TDW.

  • Why waste time with this game, when they could be improving CMW to it’s full potential?

  • I enjoy DW more then MW.

  • @DaGGyzo:

    Deadliest Warriors has not been abandoned. With a small team like ours we need to shift our focus to provide the best quality for all of our titles. Please try to remain patient.

    DaGGyzo…. I am part of the competitive scene on MW, and it is a widely agreed fact that DW is a great idea and game, but it just has one or two little problems. The main reason myself and many others do not play DW but want to is because of the game speed change. We do not want to get used to the speed change. It will damage our MW skill for competitive play. It is a known fact that the mechanics of DW feel much different than MW and it takes getting used to switching between the two.

    Please, just please change the gamespeed to normal, not 115% or whatever it is. The mechanics just don’t feel consistent, and it doesn’t make the combat “fast paced”. It just encourages spamming. In case you haven’t noticed, the DW community is quite split from the MW community because of the mechanics changing. Many players I talk to play ONLY DW or ONLY MW. I am a MW only guy. I wish I wasn’t, though.

    Basically -
    I really enjoyed DW’s new weapons and features, but I just hated how the mechanics such as gamespeed were changed from vanilla. Consistency is key when retaining the community population, otherwise, the DW crowd is split from the MW crowd due to not wanting to adjust. I wish it didn’t have to be HATE or LOVE. There is almost no in between, and you can even see it on this thread. I fall into the MW only crowd due to mechanics reasons. Please do something about this, this problem is seriously impacting the community.

  • I loved the fresh experience DW brought, like the new weapons, maps, gamemodes, polish and tweaks, voice emotes etc.

    The main problem aside from lack of content though is the low skill-level of most players, meaning most fights are just LMB wars. When a Grand Master Ninja kills 9 guys in a row just to die to 2 LMB spamming vikings, it can get annoying as shit real fast.

    There’s also a prevalence of bugs that have been present since release, like hints and tutorials not disabling properly, chat getting bugged at the end of a round, spartan spear despawning sometimes when you hold it to throw, etc.

    Also toxic dicks like Triumphant Turd who just talk shit about things like their opinion is law. DW has lots of those, which kind of sucks considering how few people are left on it.

  • You can call me a “toxic dick” all you like but I just point at the number of people that play DW and laugh. Its not my opinion that no-one plays DW, its just the sad fact of the game. “Law”, if you will.

    I dont believe in skirting around the point with pleasantries. If its terrible, I will point it out. Nothing toxic about that, its blunt - and to the point. Why lie about it?

    And I remember you always seemed to think DW was a great game - and was never in any way a terrible idea. So no offense but… you’ll forgive me if it turns out that I’d already disregarded you months ago as a “bit of a fruitbat” and have never taken anything you’ve said seriously since. Sorry lol

  • @Triumphant:

    Herp Derpity

    Alright, there you go again. Of course you disregarded my opinion; it was different than yours. Like I said, you’re close minded and your opinion is the only right one. There was a lot of potential with DW, it was fun for a bit, and it could be much better. That’s all I’ve ever said. Are you capable of even admitting you’re fallible, let alone possibly wrong in this instance?

    The fact that you masquerade behind the mask of the honest, truth-telling do-gooder, and then turn around and spit hostile shit at the same time, is a repulsive quality to possess. You talk shit, saying things about TBS being retard sellouts and that deserve to be fired for making such a shit, awful, unredeemable game. This opinion you hold as fact and throw it in people’s faces when they try to suggest otherwise, then turn around and act like you’re trying to be positive and helpful. The irony is thatvyou think this is honest behaviour.Disregard me if you must, if that’s what spares your ego, but don’t go throwing it in my face and expect me to give a shit once I’ve evaluated your merits in turn.

  • Alright, ill bite.

    You dont make much sense.

    I ofc dont pretend to be a do-gooder, im sure that there is not any way I could appear like that. I do my best to be scathing beyond measure when its even half deserved. I know that this is not “helpful” per say, but it does get the point across. So no, I dont act like im trying to be helpful in these instances. So… u… wut? But I do my best to also give credit when its due… and have, on several occasions - especially recently. I think TB are doing a good job on MW atm.

    It is honest. You’ve got a strange interpretation of what I think of myself. If you think I have some massive ego then your totally wide of the mark. I just think that you’ve decided you dont like me… so okay. It just seems to rustle your jimmies a lot when I say how your favourite action man toy is shit, thats my assessment of the situation. You like it and it upsets you when the other little boys take the piss.

    I am certainly capable of admitting that im fallible - and wrong. But not on the idea of DW being a good game, or having ever had potential, cus dats just crazy. Your filed away in the same cabinet i filed warsaw away in many moons ago: the crackpot cabinet. And I will entertain you no longer - run along and play some pirates vs ninjas now and stop calling me out by name.

    And the fact that i’ve even replied once let alone twice in response to you calling me names just goes to show the depths ive plunged to, in order to sink to your level… sigh.

  • I’m not trying to pretend I know you personally, I’m looking at what’s in front of me and making an assessment, like you’ve done with me.

    The only reason I don’t like you is because you think you’re better than me, and you need to insult me and other people just because we disagree with you, then act like you’re still above us. You did it again just now when you had to say you came down to me level; as if you’re above me because I see potential and fun where you see failed experiments.

    Not only is that bad enough, considering yourself and your opinion superior, but then you have to act like a 13 year old and call me stupid, call my opinion shit, and be a dick. You think you’re clever with your little comments but I.don’t even play DW, not for a long time due to it’s unrealised potential and abandonment, but of course you assume I play it constantly and defend it ceaselessly like a fanboy so that your argument can work, and your ego is intact for another day. Well go ahead and cop out, act superior and don’t respond a third time. It’ll just be more of the same shit and proving my points anyway.

    And my jimmies and rustled? Son I am disappoint. You could at least try to be somewhat original when you try to hide your shame.

  • You make me laugh

  • I liked it during the beta, then I noticed how much bullcrap it is and stopped playing it. The animations are smoother and the mechanics are quite nice, but the speed is retarded. The nerfed down projectiles and the ability to block throwables is quite neat though.

  • @Xylvion:

    I liked it during the beta, then I noticed how much bullcrap it is and stopped playing it. The animations are smoother and the mechanics are quite nice, but the speed is retarded. The nerfed down projectiles and the ability to block throwables is quite neat though.

    Sure, there was lots of potential for a fun little spinoff, it just wasn’t executed properly. Apparently some people can’t admit this.

  • @Triumphant:

    You make me laugh

    Alright, so you two dipshits are why these forums are cancerous but my real question was about DW being abandoned. Instead I got reassured by a developer with meaningless words instead of a new patch being announced.

    I don’t get what all of you are saying about gamespeed. The speed is the same, it’s just smoother animations and relying more on slashing than anything else.

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: reduce the foot speed to MW levels, add some rudimentary form of Team Objective, and I’ll be back. The core experience is quite weak compared to MW, but the new classes are really fun and different.

    AS for it being abandoned: like was posted earlier, TB isn’t a huge studio. They can only do so much at once, and there was an overwhelming demand for more work to be done on MW after Deadliest Warrior was released. And it’s worked out really, really well, MW is in the best state it’s ever been. We haven’t seen the last of Deadliest Warrior, hopefully after a bit more work on MW Torn Banner will pull out a few surprises.

    That being said, until it’s changed, I’m out.

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