Beta Key giveaway challenge.

  • Alright, so I’ve given a bunch away just to people who asked.

    Let’s make this a little more interesting. It’ll really prove just how BADLY you want a key.

    I will remove one letter and number from each code. All you have to do…is change it back, and the key is yours obviously.

    26 letters. Numbers only go from 0-9 as you know. YOu got good chances.





    Good luck, I didn’t make it that hard really, but just something to have a little bit of fun. It’ll also make getting a key that much more rewarding.

  • Oh my god, that is just awesome mate :D

  • just tried all the combinations for the second it’s jsut doesn’t work :
    also i feel no anger, just cant find my fuel canister and lighter

  • First off all i would like to say hello!
    My first post!
    Really loving the game(from yt movies) would be great to check it out before i buy it(donno if my asus k53 can run it decent).
    The idea of this giveaway is cool but i dont have a clue what im doing wrong :/
    Any keys from this dont work for me!
    Cheers and would love to get a key!

    btw. Any hints lol? :P

  • Hints?

    There’s alot of combinations possible.

    26 letters, with 10 possible numbers…you have to try alot.

    Tomorrow, I’ll fill in the missing number. Then you just have to try letters.

    and if anyone does win, make sure to tell me!

  • Damn i need to get a key for my friend fast :C

    Can i get a hint like what is first Number or letter?

  • any word about that no combination works?
    tried all 26 leters for each of 10 numbers for each slot …
    not that i cant w8 3 days till release
    but kinda lost 20 mins and a piece of my vision…
    check if the 2nd key is right

  • I just did, it is.

    But you have to realize there is hundreds of possible combinations.

  • @Mkilbride:

    I just did, it is.

    But you have to realize there is hundreds of possible combinations.

    there’s 26102=520 combinations :D

  • My first guess was that someone with a nifty program would quickly snatch up all four… And I think this is the case… At least, 520 guesses later I do… T_T

    Edit: I tried Code #4 btw

  • I dunno if they’ve been used, hence why I asked someone to post if they did infact. So I would know and other people could not waste their time.

    But yes, 520 combinations.

  • Well, assuming I made no mistakes (which if I thought I might have, I went back and tried the ones I might’ve missed) code #4 is taken. Anyways, it was fun, thanks.

  • So you got a key?


  • Where do I give the beta? I’ve already pmed you, mlkibride.

  • I want a beta sooo bad.

  • Urgh, I’m almost depressed more people didn’t try this / post if they did get them, as I have no way of knowing if they are used really, unless I try em myself!

    I guess I should’ve left it originally just be 1 letter, would’ve been far easier.

  • Well Mkilbride, tell me the first * of the 3rd key (or even whether it’s a number or letter) and I’ll let you know when I get it!

  • W07CB-HA3FC-LV9B2




    Here they all are. 2 days left, why not just give em out. First come first serve. I guess the contest abit to hard.

  • Bah, all were taken. I was on #380 of my list for #3 :(

    And it wasn’t all that hard. It took me only a few minutes to generate my list using a text editor that can select columns. After that… cut and paste fun for 2 hours tops.

  • Oh wow, makes me abit happier that they were infact taken in the challenge. Means we got some smart cookies here!

    Just wish they had announced it.

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