Fight Club NA Recruiting

  • The infamous Fight Club is recruiting again. We are a multicultural clan, and do not accept racism or sexism in any form. Our PuB server is Fight Club Featured on Reddit( Our Scrim server is The Fight Club Competitive Center. We have been a clan for 6 months going on 7 so we are a fairly new clan compared to the rest of Chiv.

    We haven’t had a recruiting drive in a while so bare with me.

    We are looking for active, skilled, and ready to improve players looking to enter competitive play.

    At the moment we are interested in Archers, Maa, Vangaurds.

    We scrim at least 2 times a week more towards 3 or 4.

    We are not a perfectionist clan, we enjoy the game, and we enjoy the fun of it. Nevertheless we do want to improve in competitive play so therefore we host practices & community night every Thursday.

    Requires Team Speak. Must play and scrim with us to see how you fit. Also to see if you like competitive play in general.

    We used to have a lot of players but a good amount went inactive. The clan has a good 12 members that are active and so many more that are not. So it is about time we add to our cause!

    Must be 18 or older.

    Steam either
    or me Chicken[F|C]

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