How to remove weapons?

  • I am trying to create a mod that removes certain weapons.

    My idea would be to remove them in the AOCFamilyInfo classes or rather create new FamilyInfo classes that extend AOCFamilyInfo. For example:```
    class MMFamilyInfo_Knight extends AOCFamilyInfo;

    But I haven't found yet where the FamilyInfo classes are actually referenced. So how would I go about making my mod use the MMFamilyInfo_Knight instead of AOCFamilyInfo_Knight in Team Objective for example.
    Cheers :)

  • You might want to try extending AOCFamilyInfo_Agatha_Knight and AOCFamilyInfo_Mason_Knight with the codeline that is going to remove/replace the weapons you were having in mind.

    Just do a class MMFamilyInfo_Agatha_Knight extends AOCFamilyInfo_Agatha_Knight; for example

    NewPrimaryWeapons(0)=(CWeapon=class’BalanceModWeapon_Broadsword2H’) NewSecondaryWeapons(0)=(CWeapon=class’BalanceModWeapon_Mace’)

    Then I think you have to replace the codelines of the weapon you want to change with a blank or something that will have to overwrite AOCFamilyInfo_Agatha/Mason_Knight, otherwise it will just read the codeline from that file and act like the same.

    What weapons do you have in mind to remove?

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