Sprint being stopped upon reaching oppenent

  • This has been a problem with the game for a while. It occurs when you are sprinting behind an opponent trying to catch up. When you go to attack you sort of bounce off of the other player’s collision causing you to lose momentum. Your attack will then not reach your opponent as they gained too much distance. Happens in other instances as well. When you run up to hit a dancing vanguard for instance. If you get to them and go to swing, you end up bouncing off their collision, losing sprint, and they are able to put enough distance that you can’t reach. Seems to happen more often on uneven terrain.

    Don’t really know if there is any way to fix this. Bubble reduction will help slightly, although I don’t think the 60% will be enough to make a huge difference. Maybe worth looking into, I guess.

  • yes this is my least favorite ‘feature’ especially when it happens because of the terrian

  • When you attack while moving you got that small step forward. It has some really odd interactions with collision hitboxes such as the bubble. So basically running at somebody and attacking increases the effective distance between you and your target by bouncing off while running at somebody and the stopping to attack actually keeps you closer.

    If you run at the cart on Darkforest and attack while moving you might clip up during the attack - maybe its the same with the bubble: You stand at the edge of collision but that step makes you get closer so you clip up. Now as jumping upon someones head makes you bounce off this “clipping up” might work in a similar fashion and pushes you away.

    Could be resolved by not making you step forward when attacking and there is a collision hitbox right in front of you.

  • Yeah, good points evil. I forgot to mention the lunge feature. It does seem to be the main cause of this. It isn’t really even a necessary function for a sprinting player.

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