Issues when cooking map

  • So I’ve got a map that I’ve been working on for a week. It supports TD, LTS and FFA game types. When I’m updating the .udk files and cook, the LTS and FFA maps are updated, but the TD map remains the old version. If I open the TD file and save it with a new name, then add it to the profile and cook, then I can open the “new” map but still not the old one. I’ve tried removing and adding the map to the profile, cooking it in another profile (which has been a solution for a few days but now stopped working), restarting the SDK Frontend and doing all of those, and nothing works. It’s really irking me. Has anyone had this same problem?

  • I now started having this problem with the LTS and FFA variants of the map, but cooking them in another profile solved it. Again, this worked for the TD version eralier but no longer does, I’m worried that it will “spread” to the LTS and FFA versions too…

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