[WIP] Fortification Contest / AOCTO - Ore

  • Beta 3.7**


    This is a map about ore, moonlight and, of course, FIGHTING !

    The fight takes place in the biggest Agatha mining town close to the Marinar’s frontier. The whole city is dedicated to mining: houses are surronded by quarries and mines, districts were created to help with the work cycle that never stop at night. This organisation is due to the governor known for his great managing skills. There’s no rafinery in the town thus the ore is transported in the closest city in Irilla.

    Masons are attacking from an underground lake in one of the functionnal mines and they want to put an end to the city’s activity.


    Objective 1 (10min)

    This objective is designed in order to add an idea of surprise. Masons spawn from an underground lake and need to kill Workers (35/45 ).
    Agathas first 20sec will make them spawn in the mine as if they were in duty (defending/watching workers).
    Then Aga’s spawns will be set in a more traditionnal way (team spawn in a “closed” area).
    Workers has no Marker until 5min.

    Objective 2 (+5min)

    The second obj. takes place in the exterior quarry where the goal for Mason is to closed some gate in order to make the Aga wave go back. Each time a gate is closed, Aga’s spawns are moved back in the map.
    Mason need to destroy 3 Cranks to proceed to the next objective.

    Objective 3 (+5min)

    A good old-fashioned kill the king in a medieval village hugging the mountain, where Aga have the highground position. You can also walk on some of the roofs.

    With Ore, I give you a fast paced team objective map. All objectives are designed in order to bring all the variation of groups fight!
    The first objective make duel or little groups fights really important to save time.
    The second one need bigger groups to be coordinated.
    The third one is a big fight between two groups and one VIP.

    Objective are clearly separated and players won’t waste time with walking around the map. The only objective that requires players to hang around is the first one. That’s why players need to win each fight or hold their position as long as possible.
    A team Objective Map is often in favor of the attacking team (if not, there’s no TO) thus, I think a TO must last 30 min maximum. I like the idea of starting over after switching team, like in tournament…
    I was hoping to build a TO that can be played by casual gamers (like 50 players on a server) or for ClanWar.
    I think Chivalry isn’t dead because of all these clan/guild/team who keep playing and I wanted to thank them !

    Maps included:






  • That looks awesome! Great idea and concept! Love the artwork as well! you look like good competition ;)

  • wow that looks fantastic

  • Update 2 !

  • OOOO!!! I want to play this, this looks really good :D How long have you worked on it for?

  • Thank you Otreum !

    Here is the Update 3 !
    The map is now on the workshop and fully playable.

    It can be played on the “Perlin’s Workshop” server.

    Need your feedback !

  • Looking really good!! I especially like all of the height variation in the level!

    I know the map is a WIP atm but I think the lighting especially in the objective 3 area could have the lamps lighting more specific to the lamp areas or be limited to where player pathways are. Currently the yellow in the scene leaves no room for directing the player and when everything is in focus technically nothing is. What do you think about toning down the yellow lamps to be less dominating of the scene and more focused in a way that could be used to direct players? Hopefully this pic helps explain what I mean :) Not suggesting making it as dark as the pic though XD

  • amazing job on lightning

  • Looking good - the mining theme is unique as far as i know :)

  • Evilmrfrank > I’ll try to make the playfield more visible. The last objective is a “kill the king”, thus I think there’s no really need to direct players. I’d like to have a big playground (the district) for this obj where player can move freely.

    Rumpelstiltskin > TY ! http://vxside.deviantart.com/art/The-Medieval-Fortress-95594717

    Kingjof > I think the TBS TO with the free slave objective is about mine cart and mining. But your right about the cave/mine ;).

  • Evilmrfrank > If you are telling about the background/playground visibility, you’re right. I was hoping to make a field that feel like big city, even if you can’t go in each street. Maybe it needs some adjustments to show clearly where the player can go.

  • Looks nothing short but amazing. TB are gonna have a hard time picking just 3 maps…keep up the excellent work!

  • TheUndying > Thank You !

    Update 4 !

    _Time Set to 15 + 5 + 5
    _More graph (FX…)

  • Guise !

    I need your help, sometime the map doesn’t start even with 2 players (biots or not).

    Any clue ?

  • Build AI paths should fix it ;)

  • I hope you’r right ! Thank you Otreum !

  • You’re good at asthetics. Lets just hope the gameplay will be fine and TB will choose this one to be among the winners.

    We need good looking maps with good gameplay.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • The map is fully working on my server ! (Perlin’s Workshop)
    It need some more adjustements for the Force Spawn function, graphic enhancements, balance, better bots, FFA/LTS/TD suport…

    Please, I need a lot of feedback !

    I also want to know if we can change the King skin or his helmet and how to do this ?

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