[WIP] Fortification Contest / AOCTO - Ore

  • awesome map!

    I like District part very much for close combat and roofs good for archery :D

    good job :)

  • Beta 3.5

    *Graph Correction
    *Bots Path for FFA

  • Next update will add a new layout for the first Objective (smaller area, closed paths…).

    But I have a weird issue since the update, all the scoreboard description (progress bar) aren’t visible anymore…
    With some test I did, I think an UDK issue.

    I’m waiting to do more test on other computer to identify the problem.

  • Ye the official maps have the same issue.
    Another problem is that the “objective task (what to do)” is only shown for some seconds after spawn. No chance for players to read the text and no chance to read it on the scoreboard.

  • Some one can confirm what Joff said ?

    I need to update my map, but It will be bad if the progress bar is not there…

    Please TB can you help us !

  • Beta 3.6

    *Objective Large Icon
    *HUD Marker Icon (Mine Workers + Cranks)
    *No more ScoreBorad Progress Bar (due to patch 28 I think)
    *Cranks HUD Progress Bar
    *Chat and Subcrossair Message (Remaining Mine Workers and Cranks)

    ***objective1 > New path : smaller area
    *objective2 > Cranks Health Doubled (now 600)

    Feedback always apreciated !!!

  • Beta 3.7

    *Better wall collision in objective 1.
    *Better Bots Paths in objective 1 and 2.
    *Revised slope/landscape/spawn exit in objective 2.
    *Spawn when a cranks is destroyed in objective 2 has been corrected.
    *Mine Worker’s Spawn has know delayin order to spawn 5 by 5 (maybe it will fix the worker’s animation issue)

  • Thanks everyones for testing !

    The contest is almost over but feedback are always apreciated !!

    Some points I can’t manage to fix :
    _No progress bar (tab) in the first objective.
    _No animation / Sound for the workers on online server

  • Any feedback from the dev ?

  • You mist make a request

  • Wow I missed that ! Thanks

  • General:
    Good World Building
    Nice Mood/Atmosphere
    The scale, particularly in the Mines, is way too large.
    The First Objective are is very repetitive, and is easy to get lost in.
    Streamline layout. There are areas that are overcomplicated with dead ends and areas with no utility.

    Objective Feedback:

    Objective 1 is far too easy for attackers. Players are far too spread out, and defenders were often lost and/or separated.
    The First Objective are is very repetitive, and is easy to get lost in.
    Consider fewer hud markers with a progress bar, similar to the citadel slaves.
    Need Better indication other than hud markers on the location of the workers. Consider putting them in more distinct areas (Dark Forest) or giving them more predictable locations (Stoneshill.)
    What is the context for killing the workers?
    No spawn protections for attackers?

    Objective 2 is very linear

    Tons of open space with sparse cover between objectives
    Run to each breakable is very long
    Give the breakables more distinct areas, similar to Hillside trebuchets. 3 of the same thing, with varied combat spaces.

    Objective 3:
    Very long Run to king
    King can camp the corridor under his team’s spawn
    Terrain collision is very rough here.

  • Thanks Andrew !

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