Knock back direction via charge

  • I was playing Citadel today and I blocked an incoming charge attack that was coming at me from straight in front of me. I was up on the wall directly above where the drawbridge is, looking across towards one of the ballista. I parried the charge attack and instead of going directly backwards like you would normally, I was forced perfectly sideways, off the top of the wall and summarily fell to my death.

    This made me wonder what method is used to determine the direction of the knock back when you block a charge attack and is there a set distance?

  • i think I saw that happen…. made me laugh

  • Probably the same system of knockback when attacking in general. I can’t tell you how many times someone parries my stab and doesn’t fly sideways, or back, they fly INTO me. That’s always a bundle of fun.

  • Similar thing happened to me the other day, I parried a bandi and it dragged me into it, was great.

  • Well if I run towards a vanguard and parry I wll be knocked towards them instead of away from them. Helps a lot as an archer or even as a knight.

  • Sometimes when I parry a vanguard charge I still lose my head.

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