Best duelling (primary) sword for a knight

    • some explanation pls.

  • LS, because it has way better drags then the SoW, and doesn’t suck as much against MaA as the messer.

  • Maul because it’s big and chomps heads.

  • It’s really not that simple, all the weapons have their own strengths and most importantly, a playstyle.

    I prefer SoW since it kills a knight with three head stabs, and this is pretty easy to achieve versus most players because the stab feint is nearly unreadable. Its drags are bad but they can catch someone off guard every now and then since the strikes are usually very fast. You can also trade with comboing enemies easily, netting you a kill if they’re low on health.

  • SOW late stab feints are great.

  • Crunching numbers? SoW if you’re min/maxing.
    Actual experience? The Longsword has an unprecented amount of swordplay and skill that cannot be matched by any other weapon. Quick ripostes, drags that are slightly faster than the messer. Release time that allows late feint. It’s the iconic weapon for a dueling knight or a pretty badass dancer cough Chimp cough. And unless you’re fighting a knight-heavy team, it’s hard not to control a 1vN scenario.

  • LS because it opens too many possibilies. Is it a feint, instaoh or a delay? Try reading those oh’s no amount of sow stab feints can save you from the endless comboes you can keep up with ls.

  • When looking at the Knight duel tournament the Longswords versatility is king. Sword of War ends up close second with the stronger stab and higher speed while the Messer seems to be somewhat of an underperformer.

    Against other classes - probably Longsword against Archers (for the added speed compared to the Messer), Messer for MaA chasing and SoW against Vanguards. So the Longsword wins - but not by much.

  • LS is the most well-balanced weapon, SoW is good for speedily dispatching less experienced players, and Messer is good to drag the shit out of and deal big damage. LS is the most general do-it-all sword, but I’d take Double Axe over LS any day. Barbarian Style bro.

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