Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Patch 22

  • Patch 22 Hotfix 2 - Servers only
    The second exectuables-only hotfix for this patch, this one is servers-only. Every server operator should update and get this (an email was sent to the mailing list). This fixes:

    • Sometimes servers get into a state where they block new connections
    • Sometimes servers get into a state where they refuse to update players’ stats with Steam

    Patch 22 Hotfix - Minor executables-only hotfix
    The only server operators that need this update are those who are using Windows Server 2003 or XP and are having issues running the dedicated server; other server operators can safely ignore this. All clients will get it through Steam.

    • Fixed crash affecting Windows Server 2003 users and some Windows XP users
    • Fixed client crash on Argon’s Wall and any SDK maps using Group Actors

    Patch 22 Notes

    ***** DLC Knights will NOT yet be released with this Patch *****


    • New dynamic crosshair (Swing and combo indication)

      • Users can switch to the original style through the keybindings option
    • New Loading Screen

    • Bubble reduced by 60%

    • First-person camera alignment adjusted for more visual clarity during combat

    • More flail animation polish

    • Default FOV changed from 95 to 105

    • Added a new level 60 helmet

    • On death, print damage taken/dealt during life to console. This can be controlled (disabled, enabled, or made more verbose) through the options menu

    Animation Changes

    • All weapon animation have been updated

      • On all classes
    • Updated longsword and 1-handed animation based on feedback

    • slash02 attack for long sword, alt+slash for 1-handed

    • Fixed longsword tracer for DLC knights on both faction

      • 1handed stab 1st-person tracer
      • Fixed alt slash021 tracer not lined up for 2-handed longsword
      • Updated flail over head 1st-person tracer
    • First-person animation polish for pole-weapons, 2-handed swords, Heater Shield

    • Fixed quarterstaff overhead animation showing incorrectly as underhand in first person

    • Improved release to parry blend animation.

    • Updated double axe 1p and 3p animations

    • Updated 1p dagger daze

    • Flail 3rd-person combo animation updated

    • General animation polish across the board

    • All First-Person animations have been updated to fit the new camera position

    General Fixes

    • Knight DLC can be purchased for free in the BETA branch in preparation for live launch.

    • Knight DLC can now equip default and previously purchased knight helms

    • Fixed gore mesh for DLC Knights (untextured gore)

    • Default knights (Mason and Vanguard) can now properly wear DLC knight helmets

    • Fixed autobalance bugs.

      • Don’t allow a player to switch teams when balanced.
      • Fixed bug where player shows up in the wrong scoreboard.
      • Don’t show enemy markers of spectators.
      • Fixed LTS scoreboard showing the correct number of players alive.
      • Fixed a bug where you can’t spawn if you were a spectator before a map change.
      • Fixed ranged crosshair being stuck red after death.
    • Fixed new knight first-person armour to match third-person

    • Fixed Agathian archers saying “I’m in your debt” in place of the you’re welcome command

    • Fixed floating sticky projectiles after head explosion.

    • Fixed team damage message.

    • Crosshairs appear white for allies and red for enemies

    • Updated first person longsword, two-handed axe, dagger, buckler animations to better fit the new camera position

    • Dark Forest: Ammo box cooldown time in LTS game mode changed from 5 to 20

    • Flail is no longer missing sound

    • Launcher: auto-close prompt dialogue when downloading done

    • Reduced maximum recovery time to 0.9

    • Take hit indicator points toward attacking player, rather than toward point of impact

    • Default server tick rate set to 60Hz

    • darkened armour and fixed upper arm guards

    • Chivalry splash screen has been updated with new logo and ‘editor’ text

    • Fixed ragdoll fire screaming getting stuck on death

    • Disabling barbs for the time being

    • Doubleaxe lod geometry hole fixed

    • Fixed dying sound mode getting stuck; removed unnecessary client/server communication for heartbeat and dying sound mode

    • Lighting on pawns in the customization screen tweaked

    • Emblem/trim “dark grey” made blacker

    • Added helms to default knights and made the mason helm fit better on the default mason knight

    • Fixed various map bugs from this thread:

    • Stair Collision Fix for Tavern

    • Localization change to put numbers in front of emblems for easier browsing

    • Workaround for material crash in legacy maps

    Beginner Mode Map Changes


    • Agatha

      • Expanded press E to use on the Ballista.
      • Added indication as to what to shoot. (Health Bar)
      • Fresnel shader on locks added
      • Sparks appear on every hit
      • 3 Clusters of peasants (all slaves must be set free)
      • Markers are removed once slaves are freed
      • Health bar appear for door
    • Mason

      • 3 clusters of slaves make for easier defence strategies
      • Progress bar for slaves
      • Health bar for door


    • Both Factions

      • Hud markers are located closer to burn targets

    Dark Forest

    • Agatha

      • Progress Bar and Destroy Marker for Doors
      • Switches to Kill Markers after doors have been destroyed
      • More Consistent Damage States


    • Agatha

      • Indication to burn buildings on torches (volumes)

    SDK Changes/Additions

    • Added Giant stomp crushing sound

    • Editor splash updated

    • Perfect enemy knowledge property + node for AI

    • Added missing sockets to gore mesh.

    • Added customization overriding into AISpawnNPC / AISpawnStandardBot

    • When transitioning to a custom map, server will check if map is out-of-date; if so, it updates it.

      • This is new functionality that may not be fool-proof yet
    • Going with that change, servers automatically transition when sitting on an SDK map with no players for several minutes to stop them from getting left on an out-of-date map

    • semi-fix the overrides in AISpawnNPC

    • Example maps for SDK people

      • ExampleMaps/HelmetScene.udk
      • ExampleMaps/WeaponScene.udk


    Thanks!!! :D

  • Thank you, this will be interesting:)

  • Fix server browser

    lol we have this note since the launch of the game, this always make me smile :D

    Default server tick rate set to 60Hz

    64 should be more efficient, this has to be on power of 2 like for cs go for example i think.

    Anyway i try this later, dis gon b gud.

    • Workaround for material crash in legacy maps

    Is this what I think it is DaGGyzo? :)



    2H sword animations are still very rigid, I’m not a fan of them.

  • I still think it might be a bit to early, but we’ll see!

  • Whoo. Been looking forward to this bubble reduction for a long time.

  • “Don’t allow a player to switch teams when balanced.”
    Ehhhhhhhhhhh :/ Autobalance is so buggered. This is gonna make a lot of people unhappy.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Tyoson:

    “Don’t allow a player to switch teams when balanced.”
    Ehhhhhhhhhhh :/ Autobalance is so buggered. This is gonna make a lot of people unhappy.

    You bet.

  • One thing Ive noticed is that handlehits occur veeeery frequent when you do an OH now.

  • Intalling Chivalry for the first time in months.

    My reaction to TB’s performance as of late:

  • I love that gif so much.

  • Whenever FFA on Ruins occurs in the UK official servers it crashes the game

  • Just to let you know I got Ambiguous package name error after just updating 5 mins ago. It does look like a path error etc.

  • For some reason on FFA arena there’s no crowd now. Just floating hats :/

  • It’s weird how I don’t need to compensate for the aim moving every time I reload or change the weapon and I really like how small the crossbows are now :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Lots of fixes and animation changes, Bubble reduction!!!


    • First-person camera alignment adjusted for more visual clarity during combat

    This maybe a huge mistake on several levels. It is something that wasnt broken in the first place. This single handed changes the game mechanics and timing just so you could see a larger percentage of your swing animation? By moving the camera angle back, now everyone will have to relearn distance and timing for every weapon against every weapon. Also forcing 105 FOV for default doesn’t make much sense either other than to show more swing animation but the distance is now all weird.

    I have always had problems with the parry working correctly with the exception of the patch, pre bubble patch parry fix. Now it is even more difficult because range and timing seem way off. I will give it a week or two but that alone could be a deal breaker making all the fixes and animation changes a moot point.

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