Assassination + bots

  • Hi !

    It appears that King never spawns if the king’s team is only filled with bots.

    How can I make a TO with bots ?
    Is there special event or condition in order to make a bot becoming King ?

    In the hillside kismet, I’ve found a botking event but doesn’t know how it works !

    Please help to solve this problem !


  • Developer

    The assassination objective doesn’t work with bots, you can’t work around it in the level.

  • Ok thanks!

    Anyway, it’s sad to play alone ^^

  • Are these kinds of things going to be held against us in the contest? I know it was one of the areas that was being voted on in the contest but it seems that bots are entirely broken for TO so I’m curious how that’s actually going to be something that’s used as a voting reference?

  • To save making a new thread, I am doing an assassination objective today, and have been banging my head against a brick wall thinking it is something I have done wrong.

    Whenever I get to the king objective, the game automatically ends when I am playing with bots and I am on the attacking team. Is this because without a bunch of kismet stuff, the king won’t spawn, thus the attackers win?

  • the bots cannot be king yet,
    which is why it ends, switch to the kings team and be king and it wont end for you.

  • I figured as much, so I went online, tested on Yarnu’s server and all was well. :)

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