Restricting bot class type per AI label

  • So I’ve been looking at AI today, and I’ve noticed that I can modify bot class probability per AI group. Can this be done on an AI Label basis? I.e. I only want archers to take this high ground. Or would I have to create extra AI groups to handle this? because that looks messy. It’s not a major hurdle but it interested me as a concept.


  • Developer

    I have no idea how much of the AI Hive Brain code still works unfortunately, or ever worked. :watermelon:

  • It looks like it has a ton of potential in any case. Stoneshill defenders seems to use it fairly coherently with the centre defence, two flanks and a counter push, that kind of scripting just didn’t exist in something like UT.

    I mean it’s not doing anything too fancy but it still works nicely :)

  • unreal does have some epic ai that’s for sure.

  • I havr spent likr 3 weeks probably more working with the hive brain, trying all sorts of variations, and i have to agree with Crusty!!

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