[WIP] Asea Ravage [Fortification]

  • Hi Chivalry fighters !

    Godefroid and I are happy to create this thread to post all the progress about our submission for fortification contest and recieve any feedback from you guys o7

    First , here is a short description of the context and the objectives :

    Context : Settled in the city of Asea, a haven of peace, the forces of Agathians have to face up to a brutal assault of the Mason order who are determined to set ablaze the whole stronghold.

    Objective 1 : The Masons have to access to the balistas and use them to destroy the imposing mechanism of the fortification’s door.

    Objective 2 : Once the fortification intruded, they have to successfully reach 3 different objectives in the city, and entierely saccage them. (Building destruction with several key spots, including a massive library)

    Objective 3 : One the city sacked, take possession of an explosive cart in the armory and make it advance (mainly across a large bridge with 2 secondary paths) until it reach the critical spot at the foot of one of the main tower of the Asea castle. Then ignite the explosive cart to make it collapse.

    Here is the aerial view for the firt objective :

    And there are the first few screenshots to get a preview mood of the map.

    Here is the map of the second objective :

    And a first preview of the place :

    I will keep this thread regularly up to date, cheers ! :calm:

  • Finally, a good looking desert style map. Looks sexy as fuck, will definitely recommend to Yarnu to put this on his server.

  • Updated the second objective.

  • Here is a sneak peak of the third objective

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