The Great Kick Campaign of 2014

  • Hello Torn Banner and friends.

    Now that the new ‘The Patch’ has gone live and you are obviously twiddling your thumbs waiting for something to do I’d like to formally request that TB focus on bringing the mighty Kick in-line with the rest of the game mechanics.

    At the moment, this highly useful and at times life saving maneuver, is rather flaky. If there is differences in elevation and/or players on an incline the kick very rarely lands. Sometimes it just doesn’t work even on flat ground.

    The kick, being the primary anti-face hugging method in the game, should really get some focus now that the infamous Bubble of Doom has been reduced.

    So please TB can you please let us know what you plan on doing with the Kick. Will you retool it so it is a tracer based system similar to how you changed boxing? Will you keep it as is, but make it reliably hit? Or will you keep it as your secret trololololol and leave it alone?

    Help us TB, you’re our only hope.

    P.S. This of course applies to shield bashes as well.

  • Also make kicks queue with combos - sometimes you have to spam the kick button for it to work.

  • Well, I was going to put in an amusing poll. However I forgot to tick that little box. Never mind. Fix the Kick!

  • I support this. I love kicking. And using reverse overheads.

  • @MissingNo:

    Also make kicks queue with combos - sometimes you have to spam the kick button for it to work.

    I actually think it’s better that you cannot queue kick at the moment. If you could queue kick off a riposte for instance (I’m not saying it would be an accelerated kick or anything like that), it would be OP against shield users because the threat of those accelerated stabs/overheads can be too much and a shield user will usually have to pre-empt the riposte and make sure to raise their shield (and to make sure it is fully raised) in time.

    The way it is at the moment, you have to stop your actions just for a split second and then use the heavy kick against the shield user. This allows them enough time to react and see that there isn’t a fast riposte incoming and drop their shield because no attack is coming their way. This way, it only punishes people who hide behind their shield for too long instead of only using the shield at times when they want to block an incoming attack.

    If that makes sense.

  • Leave all the timings and queuing and whatnot alone and just make the damn thing connect whenever it should. That is all.

    Fix the Kick!

  • @Toll:

    Leave all the timings and queuing and whatnot alone and just make the damn thing connect whenever it should. That is all.

    Fix the Kick!

    I haven’t tested it, but would giving it tracers work if it doesn’t already? I don’t think anything shows up when you do aoc_drawtracers and kick.

    If the kick acted much like a stab with very fast release time and had hit tracers, this might fix the issue with it just ghosting through players. And allow the player to kick upwards or downwards instead of dead straight ahead so people on weird angles could also be hit.

  • I haven’t tested it either, but I’ve heard from around the traps that it isn’t tracer based. The point is irrelevent though, we just want it to work when it should. It is really frustrating to die because your perfectly timed and used kick … LOL NOPE TROLOLOL and you get stabbed with a stabbing knife or something.

  • Well it wouldn’t exactly be irrelevant if giving it stab-like tracers fixed the problem.

    Not being able to aim your kicks upwards or downwards is also another reason why it just kind of sucks at the moment. Not to mention that they’re incredibly easy to side step and this will more often than not create the illusion that a kick just passes through you.

    If they want to fix it, I think a big restructure of how it is programmed is required.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I don’t care how they fix it, provided it gets fixed.

  • Agreed. I love the kick, I probably use it more than I should, which leads to me getting killed a lot because the player might be slightly lower than me and it misses. Please look into this TBizzle.

  • I agree that it needs tracers assigned. You really notice the elevation problems when fighting near the Bombcart in Battlegrounds as it heads up the hill.

  • Well whether tracers being assigned would fix it or create all kinds of new problems or bugs, i dont know, so, torn banner, whatever you have to do just make kicks more reliable please. i kill people with kicks all the time, not actually in a trolling way but in a useful way…a maul hit to the torso of a maa or archer, and a short kick kills them, a maul hit to the torso of a vanguard, and a short kick plus one strong kick, will kill a vanguard…very nifty ability, sucks when it doesnt work and phases through the enemy.

  • I agree, its risky as hell to use in its current form.

  • A while ago TB addressed kick and gave it tracers (previously it was tracerless, like the old fists). I’m not sure what’s going on now with kicks, but it’s still unreliable. If kicks could be given as much stability as the swing tracers, that would be awesome. Maybe even an animation that matches the pitch of the player camera, as currently if you look down and kick, you kick straight forward still.

    June 25th, CU1 Patch 2
    Kick and shield bash hit detection now uses proper tracers and is more precise when on uneven terrain or against moving targets.


  • Yeah jump kicks are very reliable and fun to do.

  • allow crouch kick… it’s a win-win. it will look hilarious and you’d get to kick people straight in the shins.

  • Jump kicks are the most awesome of sauces.

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