[WIP] Fortification Contest : Our Fort

  • A few months after the Mason Revolution… Many properties of Agatha was taken and re-purposed by the Mason Order. Once a humble mining stronghold on the outskirts of the kingdom, now a prison camp holding members of the royal family under duress. It is up to the Agatha Knights to infiltrate the stronghold and free the captive royal family.

    This is a Team Objective map where the Agatha Knights are on the offensive. The Agatha Knights start off near to a wall broken down by Sappers. The Mason Order starts off guarding the inner wall of the castle.

    Objective 1: Agatha Knights must gain access to gate controls to open the gate to the Mining Halls. (Dual Use Objective. Binds player movement while cranking gate)

    Objective 2: Agatha Knights must search the hallways, breaking down doors, to find the prince.(Break Doors + Touch Trigger Objective)

    Objective 3: Agatha Knights must protect the armored carriage, pushing it through the residential area and out to the side gate of the castle. (Push Objective)

    The Castle is going to be loosely based off of Harrenhal from Game of Thrones, however, less demolished. The 1st area’s focal point is an atrium with multiple pathways for flanking, and strategic choke points to hold. This area is the ‘royalty’ area of the castle, with larger open spaces, gardens etc. The Mason Order, upon taking control of the castle, have re-purposed these areas, utilizing them for… ‘discipline’.

    The second area is the Mining Halls. This is a castle on the outskirts of the kingdom, so a stronghold was build surrounding the main mine shaft. This massive, by comparison, mineshaft goes straight down with pathways spirals down along the wall. The Agatha Knights utilized the area by building rooms along the spiral shafts. The area also has cranes for lifting the broken rocks up to the top of the mine.

    The Third area are the slums. Close knit buildings used for the workers of the mines. You are able to walk on top of the buildings for alternate routes, as well as access to power positions, such as mounted scorpions and great archer locations.

    1/3 objective areas complete.

    Floor plan

    Reference overlay



  • Cool I really like the look of it! However a couple qualms: First, The Garden seems really close quarters, too much so, like I would get stuck on a lot of things and there aren’t enough open areas to fight between chokes. Second, this objective may be too large, even though there is not much physical space, you have it segmented into 3 distinct areas and that could spread the action out very thin, unless there is some objective planned to shift focus between areas?

    Any way good luck! I like it so far!

  • Thanks for the feedback FartTender! Yes, after playtesting the other day we realized that the overall map is a bit too wide which did spread out the action. So what we may end up doing is splicing the garden with the atrium so that we can get best of both worlds but also keep the pathways/hallways that are in between the garden and atrium so that we maintain multiple paths to the Gated Area.

    Currently there are a few of us working on assets, materials, and textures so we should be getting some art WIP shots up soon!

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