Customization colors do not match up

  • When selecting black or dark grey in customization you get either

    • pitch back
    • a darker grey
    • medium grey
    • another type of medium grey
      depending on the specific color slot. Specifically the game is missing a reasonable black (Masons had it but it got removed) - then pitch black would only really make sense on emblems but for some reason thats where you can’t choose it.

    Of course thats pretty bad if you want some areas to have the same color. It would be better to replace this color madness with a very dark grey (almost black) and keep either the darker grey or one of the medium greys. Or just increase the number of colors available. Either way every slot should have access to the same colors.

    Then for FFA customization you got two shades of blue that are almost identical - its possible a bug introduced when navy blue got removed for Agatha (please bring it back) and never got fixed.

  • Reds are messed up, too.

  • To add on this, first person customization looks different from what you’ve chosen.

    When I select the solid pattern for the knight and look down on my legs in first person I see a checkered pattern.

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