Hidden remote event hooks (PickUpTorch)

  • I noticed that AOC Remote Event PickUpTorch is used in several maps to show/hide burnable huds. Do you guys have a list of these hidden hooks? It would be nice to have access to them all. Not sure what I’m looking for in particular but PickUpTorch is really useful there might be some gems in there. Sorry if this has been asked before :(

    Also for those who don’t know what I’m talking about, take a look at Stoneshill; you should see a remote event with a cross though with an event name of PickUpTorch. When a player picks up a torch this event will fire. There are some actors connected to the outputs which are used to identify which player has picked up a torch. In this case it turns on the hud actors indicating which buildings can be burnt. This is also used in Battlegrounds, but is somewhat more complicated.

    Edit: durp I just noticed that the stoneshill ones aren’t actually connected to anything ><

  • Developer

    There look to be only 4 of these things:

    UtilizeObject, StopUseObject, PickUpTorch, DropTorch

    C:\P4\chivalry\trunk\Development\Src\AOC\classes\AOCPlayerController.uc(7308): AOCGame(WorldInfo.Game).AddREQueue(‘UtilizeObject’, AOCPawn(Pawn), ObjectUsed);
    C:\P4\chivalry\trunk\Development\Src\AOC\classes\AOCPlayerController.uc(7313): AOCGame(WorldInfo.Game).AddREQueue(‘StopUseObject’, AOCPawn(Pawn), ObjectUsed);
    C:\P4\chivalry\trunk\Development\Src\AOC\classes\AOCPlayerController.uc(7318): AOCGame(WorldInfo.Game).AddREQueue(‘PickUpTorch’, AOCPawn(Pawn), none);
    C:\P4\chivalry\trunk\Development\Src\AOC\classes\AOCPlayerController.uc(7323): AOCGame(WorldInfo.Game).AddREQueue(‘DropTorch’, AOCPawn(Pawn), none);

  • Ah ok cool, thanks :D

    I think unity has made me paranoid with it’s 100’s of hidden methods you need to know off my heart to do much with it … but then unreal > unity so shrug :p

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