Ongoing FPS Issues

  • My computer is a MSI Ge70-OND, which I had gotten back from the manufacturer after a hard drive failure fix. Chivalry ran just fine (or as fine as it can get on this laptop, which is with all settings down at a res of 1600x900, capped fps at 62) until two things happened. The night before the issues began (around a month ago) there was a driver update, and I let that install for the night. The next day I had a sound issue which forced me to uninstall and reinstall my audio drivers. It was after both of these things that the fps issues began, so I had no clue what caused it.
    Now I get ~40 fps at the title screen on normal settings, which drops to 15 at the lowest, depending on the map, and only runs 62 fps at 640x400 res on arena only.

    -Uninstall and reinstall of both Steam and Chivalry did not work
    -All Nvidia and Steam settings have not changed
    -Graphics driver reinstallation on safe mode, as a clean installation, and as a standalone (not through GeForce Experience) has not worked
    -Reversion to the old graphics driver has not worked
    -Reinstallation of the audio driver has not worked, nor has reverting to the old one
    -Reinstallation of the OS has not worked (and unfortunately Windows 8 is integrated into the laptop, so no Win 7 for me)
    -All Windows updates are installed
    -Other games work perfectly fine; only having this issue with Chivalry

    I really have no clue what the issue is and I’m out of ideas, so any help would be appreciated.
    And I apoligize in advance- some troubleshooting attempts I did not include on here because I have seriously tried so many things that I’ve forgot some of them.

  • Chivalry is weird. My PC is MORE than capable of handling Chivalry @ 1080p w/ highest settings; yet I am forced to play on LOW settings in order to maintain 62fps….go figure. Hell, Cry Engine 3 never even drops below 40fps on my computer on EXTREME settings; but I guess chiv is more intensive.

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