Free 20$ game on Origin with code

  • OS3874XVC

    Put this upon checkout. So far it only works on a few games, some people got lucky and got 30+ games when it was broken…now EA can’t take them away cause legal reasons.

    Remember, this is not 20$ off, though it can be used as such, it is 20$…cash code. So you can get any games that it works with for free, 19.99$ and such.

    So far all I know is Crysis works.

    List of games confirmed to work:

    Dragon Age Origins

    Dragon Age 2

    Mass Effect 1 & 2

    Battlefield 2142

    Mirror’s Edge

    Crysis Warhead

    Dead Space 1 and 2

    Medal of Honor


    FIFA 12

  • Thank you, it worked no problem ^^

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