Map Naming Conventions

  • There are like 4 different places to name your map in the editor. I’m just wondering which one is used when you open up the console in game to type something like “open AOCTO-MapName_p” or “votechangemap AOCTO-MapName_p”. Also, do you have to include the AOCTO- and the _p or does the game/server automatically append them?

  • AOC is required for the game to recognise it as an chivalry map
    TO / FFA / etc filters game type
    Then you have your map name
    _p denotes persistent. A lot of the official maps heavily use streaming, to use streaming properly you need a base map to stream into, hence a persistent map.

    The name that appears in the server browser is set in world options under title.

    You need to name your map AOC[gametype]-[mapname]_p is. The _p MAY not be required, but a lot of people put it in just in case. I think the game may look for _p my default however.

    Hope that helps :)

  • Awesome. Thanks man.

  • One other thing, do I have to do something special like include a version number when I upload to the workshop? I updated my map but when I try to open it in-game it opens up the old version.

  • You don’t NEED the _p. It just helps for organization and identifying which level is persistent when working with people.


    That should function just fine.

  • There are two versions of your map. The cooked version, and the development version. When you upload something to the workshop the system will take your development map, cook it, package it, and upload it to workshop. You can then keep making changes to your development level independent of each cook an upload (sometimes called a commit or push). When you play the game and load your map the game will load the cooked version.

    You don’t have to use any visioning directly. Workshop will update files each time you boot the game/editor. OR at least that should be the case. I don’t actually know what would cause the game to pick an older version of your map when you’ve just cooked and uploaded a new version. If in doubt close the editor/game and reopen. This will force it to update.

    You can use kismet to set up a simple message on game load to show version number, but you have to update this manually.

  • Disregard this. Steam was just being buggy and slowing to 1.6kb/s halfway through the download. I’m assuming the launcher just gave up waiting and so the game reverted back to the old file.

  • Yeah, that would do it. Glad to hear you got it working :)

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