After most recent update: No servers, no helmets?

  • Hi
    I recently downloaded the newest Chiv update (the one with the new dynamic cursor and the FOV change from 95 to 105). However, now I only get 5 servers all above 130 ping even though I have all my filters off. In addition, I lost all the helmets I bought (the first round of new helmets for both Mason and Agatha). If anyone knows how to reverse any of this, please get back to me. Thank you!

  • Anyone know anything?

  • Try verifying the game cache:
    Right Click on Chiv in the Steam library -> Properties -> Local Files Tab -> Verify Integrity Of Game Cache

    If that doesn’t work delete this folder (make a backup or just move it elsewhere) and then do the verifying again:
    C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare

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