Lighting Build Error

  • Hey,

    So I’m having an issue building lighting in the editor (32 bit and 64 bit both won’t work). I had made a level before with the editor from the beta, and building lighting in that editor works for content I made a while back.

    However, I need to be making a level in the editor for the game itself (launched from the game). The beta editor can’t load my level from the game editor, so that’s not a solution.

    Here’s a screenshot of what I get after I build lighting.

    Yes I have a lightmass, I even tried building lighting from a pre-existing level, and I get the same error:

    It’s really frustrating me, because I’ve worked in UDK for several years now, and don’t get what’s going on…

    Anyone know what I can do to check on this?

  • Here’s the Swarm log:

  • I got it to work. I reinstalled the game.

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