Stuttering Animations

  • Figured I might as well make a seperate topic solely for actually reporting this.

    (Other people’s) Animations stutter constantly for me. Against bots everything is fine, against other players everything starts… just stuttering. Weapons skip a few frames and then slow down a few frames afterwards, 1st person animations go up and down instead of a smooth line and whole chunks of animations go missing from time to time(like a flanged mace winding up, and right at the peak of it’s windup height it suddenly teleports to it’s recovery frame.)

    Do I need to get a video uploaded of it? It sounds as simple as either lag/fps but so far I’ve done everything I can think of. If necessary I’ll upload a video, but I’m not sure about the quality as my computer doesn’t run very well with both Chivalry and Fraps/Bandicam recording.

    Edit: Now comes with video!
    It doesn’t show the problem as major as I get it from time to time, but if you look closely you can still see a reasonable difference which gets ridiculous with faster weapons.

  • If you could, I’d like to see that in a video.

  • @Eic:

    If you could, I’d like to see that in a video.

    I’ve uploaded a video now.

  • Looks pretty normal to me actually. Greatsword is fast as hell though.

  • I saw stuttering animations on 1 person so far. It was noticeable on the overhead with zweihander. Dunno if he was lagging or what–it was short lived. The OH animation sorta jerked back and forth a bit.

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