Remove/change vanguard sword charge?

  • possibly the most hated thing in chivalry right now

    no one likes this mechanic for multiple reasons

    1. usually results in massive team damage
    2. extremely dragable in a 180% sphere
    3. can charge from 4ft to 20ft with mid charge speed increase
    4. massive drain on stamina if blocked
    5. very odd and unpredictable knockback
    6. easy free kill mode
    7. will sometimes still charge after you’ve thrown an OH and stab if you haven’t let go of the sprint button
    8. super LMB
    9. overall just plain wonky

    since 90% of vanguards use a sword this has become a problem

    why is this still in game to begin with. gameplay wise its no fun to fight 3 flyguards and from a realism point I don’t think any human being could do a jump slash like that with a 2h sword and not fall over.

    possible changes?

    make the charge a normal stab like the other weapons (since fixing it seems to be such a problem)
    make the charge a OH attack

    also if we could change all the vanguard charge attacks so theres no more leaping but rather look more like when the vanguard uses an OH on the spear he stays on the ground but does a very extended reaching stab (sorry if I didn’t word that to well)


  • i hate it and would enjoy seeing it removed but nabster loves it and will definitely crucify me for daring to agree that his bent gay-sword charge should be taken out.

    though its always glorious when he bums the odd maa with it in a scrim, and he does do it consistently haha

  • The Vanguard charge needs an overhaul not just the sword charges because its pretty wonky right now. The sword charges in particular should be overhead strikes.

    Overhaul Idea I:
    Instead of requiring to sprint for a certain time the charge you need to run a certain distance in roughly the same direction. Sharp turns cancel your progress so you can’t just go in circles. Also colliding with something before starting the charge cancels it. The attack deals damage and is parryable/can collide during the whole jump not just the second half but only deals 50% damage, knockback etc. during the first phase.

    Overhaul Idea II:
    Similar to the above but instead of sprinting you hold down a button (V?) to make your Vanguard charge forward. Acceleration and speed are greater than in sprint but it drains stamina and you can only change your direction to a very small amount. Upon button release the jump will be performed - the longer the charged distance the stronger the attack. Charge is canceled when releasing the button before a certain minimum distance is reached, when running out of stamina or when colliding with an obstacle or player.

    Other ideas:

    • collision with another player while charge is ready/winding up cancels the charge but deals some damage, knockback and daze (charge light by just running into someone)
    • charge attacks with Vanguard secondaries can be used faster and cost less stamina
    • charge damage is not a generic value but depends on the weapon used
    • animation rework
    • jump distance reduced but the jump itself is very swift and powerful
    • combo out of charge
    • significant knockback and stamina drain when parrying/blocking the charge

    Basically the charge should behave more believable while also being less brainless to use. Right now Vanguards are just running around and because just running around readies up the charge (<- this needs change) they will use it on the next enemy they see. The result? Vanguards charging everywhere, everytime and at everyone!

  • It’s a shitty feature. I would be happy if it was deleted. Noobs use this non-stop and it’s horrible and stupid.

  • i think it should require more accuracy to perform, so it would be nice if

    1.) the sword charge changed into a flying poke or overhead


    2.) the horizontal turn cap was 0… that way wherever you are aiming, that’s where you’re going and you need to be accurate. I think after getting sidestepped and killed enough times more vanguards would be a bit more careful in choosing when they decide to charge. Spear and polearm weapons cannot turn much when they charge, i don’t see why swords should be able to do 180’s after completely passing someone and missing but turn around and do full damage.

  • 1.) Change the charge into an overhead or

    1. Nerf the ridiculous knockback for parrying these charges or even allow a riposte.

  • Should be able to heavy kick them while they’re midair, resulting in a 1.8 second stun.

  • Instead of having the slow, drag-able slash period just make the weapon hit the ground. They still get their slash-charge and can change direction slightly but since the release is so much shorter they can’t spin around all the way. Also polearms should get a jumping overhead charge attack.

  • I dont see the issue, it is the special feature of a vanguard and it is fun flinching them before they complete the charge.

  • This post is deleted!

  • You can flinch them before the leap when they are running in circles is what I think he means.

    My favorite part about the leap is when the vanguard is covered in blood and obviously close to death, then holding your ground like a boss when they leap followed by a quick stab or kick if you’re feeling ballsy.

  • Flinch doesn’t always work lul :) But i do this and it works well…so many VG’s mistime their charge attack, if you rush them it just messes it up for them.

    We have had this discussion before and, previously, the consensus was that sword charge attacks should be a stab attack and not a swing. Or at the least an overhead…but some 2hsword overheads are as drag-able as swings…that leaves you with stab.

  • You can drag stabs as well.

    Problem with changing it is it could make it quite OP in team battles. Imagine a line of vanguards doing charge stabs with zero chance of them damaging their own team… Could be fun!

  • Well the pole arms and spears do stab on charge attack; it takes more skills to land than a sword swing charge attack.

    Yes you can drag stabs, but not to the 270degrees like some people used to be able to do with the zweihander.

  • The sword charge shouldn’t do as much damage, the polearms and spears should do more relative to it.

    The swords obvious advantage is being able to cleave through multiple people, which the pole-ier weapons can’t do unless your enemy is kind enough to line up. I even think the one handed weapons should do more than the swords, given how much harder they are to hit with.

    Does it make sense? Not really. But it’d be fairer in the risk-reward stakes and make the sword a more situational weapon.

  • The charge attack is the vanguards special ability and as such is sort of hard to remove without replacing this ability. That said the charge attack is the most projected attack in the game with the character literally having to scream at the top of their lungs to preform it. Any skilled player should be able to sidestep it if they are paying attention and even if you cannot it is perhaps the easiest attack to block in the game.

  • Just make it consistent, it’ll be fine then.

  • Just remove it its a stupid mechanic I hated it even in the beginning of chiv when I mained vanguard for a while myself. And back then it was actually almost human, now its like some fucking superman charge or some damn x-men mutant super teleport power. Jesus bring out the body regeneration and shooting laser from the eyes while you’re at it.

  • Just change the sword charge to an overhead that can’t be dragged, job done.

  • Just change out the horizontal slash for a harakiri then it will be fine.

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