My ISP's Bullshit That I Can Do Nothing About

  • Look at this shit. This has been an on and off problem with them for 6 months now. I’m getting horrible ping and unacceptable packet loss. Look at these pathpings.

    You can see I’m getting 200+ ping with horrible packet loss. I’ve called them a dozen times now, and every single time they say the same thing. “We don’t see any problems. You’re getting good ping and no packet loss according to our tools. We can’t fix what we can’t see.” Fucking bullshit. I’ll tell them about the pathpings and they just say. “Well it must be wrong. We’re getting good ping and no packet loss when we ping your location.”

    It’s nothing on my end. This just started a couple of days ago after about a month of perfect service. They refuse to do anything about it just because they claim they can’t see it.

    I have no idea what to do now. I’m unable to play any online game because of this. I can’t even talk in VOIP because I constantly cut out and disconnect from the server. My ISP refuses to acknowledge the problem. If any of you know of anything I can possibly do, I would be forever grateful.

  • When I had a similar problem I had essentially no packet loss but when it got to 200+ ping it said that all the rest of the way down on the list.

    My ISP said it wasn’t their problem for 3 days. Even though it was a problem that affected every customer trying to connect to anything in Australia. They finally decided it was their problem and took a while to indenting the problem and fix it. And the guy in charge of the whole thing wasn’t even english first language. Even though his name was John.

  • Although I don’t have a solution I do feel sorry for you man…

    I’ve had some issues with packet loss in the past as well, I believe it was for a full month.
    Same as with Lemon, I just ran out of ideas and was forced to wait until the local ISP finally got their shit together and admitted there was “a problem with our data connections”.

  • Change ISP?

  • Google Fiber, where are you? Sobs

  • I was straight up told by my isp that I have at least 30% packet loss. Everyone in my apartment complex shares one main line that runs through everyone’s building; I’m near the end of the line so it’s pretty used up by the time I tap into it. On top of that, I use wireless internet…on top of that, I use a dongle to receive said wireless internet. It’s a miracle I’m able to play at all…or connect to the WORLD WIDE WEB FML.

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