Landscape visibility crashes

  • Currently using the visibility tool in landscape crashes the editor 100% of the time. Is anyone else having this issue or know of a fix for it?

  • It seems to be a common bug, I haven’t seen any solution for it unfortunately.

    On the topic of Visibility tool, how do you undo the erased landscape long after it was erased? I can’t seem to paint on it.

  • Developer

    Unless I’m mistaken, we never used visibility in Chiv so none of our landscape materials are set up right to use it. The main thing is your landscape material actually needs to be set to masked blend mode, not opaque. That should clear up the crash. And then to unpaint/erase holes, you just ctrl+shift click rather than your normal ctrl click - that’s the standard for landscape and foliage tools to erase or inverse paint.

  • Thanks, I’ll try that :)

  • I actually tried using masked and this doesn’t work, still crashes :( I did notice that every time it crashes while doing this it also opens up tons of the UE3 shader compile instances in the task manager. I was really hoping to get this fixed because there is a huge section of landscape on my level that I can’t hide that is rendering for no reason :B

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