Thoughts on the new animations.

  • So how is everybody doing with the new animations?

    My clan has noticed that teamplay feels a lot…. “better” than before. It just feels smoother and it is definitely easier to see your teammates with the new camera view. Not to mention you can run around your teammates better because of the bubble reduction. But I am not sure if the animations are really contributing to teamplay feeling better.

    In duels, when I first tried the animations, I HATED them. They felt too stiff and since I was used to the old ones, I naturally didn’t take a liking to them. But, as time went on, I started to get used to them, and I realized that a lot of the janky looking moves I used to see and do look a lot more true to tracer!

    For example, when you used to stab from left to right on the longsword, your arm animation would depict the end of release, but the tracers showed that there was still a few frames of stab going on. This resulted in stabs looking like they miss, but then suddenly hit anyway. With the new stab animations, they are synced much better and I don’t feel that inconsistency now. It definitely seems like thought was put into how the animations were made.

    And the animations just feel good in general after a while. Feels like the swings have more “weight” if you know what I mean. One handed weapons also seem to be a bit “better.” rrrrgh I hate saying generic, non-specific words like “better”, but I just can’t really elaborate. Sorry :/ It just feels better!

    So I like the new animations after getting used to them, but how does the rest of the community feel?

  • I felt the same thing. At first it took some time to get used to the new animations, but in the end I feel like the new ones are much, much “better”. Shameless non-specific word usage.

  • They are way smoother. Though I liked the previous alt overhead for two handed swords.

  • It feels better, and also actually more realistic. The huge wind ups on every weapon in the old animations weren’t actually how people fight with melee weapons, it opens you up too much. No complaints here except for a few goofy hand positions that still need to be straightened out. I like the new dynamic crosshair too. Doesn’t honestly make a huge difference to me, but it looks cool, and for new players it could be really helpful.

  • Nothing smooth or realistic about the 2h sword animations. They are garbage in my opinion. It doesn’t matter if I can get used to them or not, that doesn’t change the fact that they suck and the old animations were better.

  • For the most part, the weapons seem more precise and intuitive. I don’t notice a huge difference now that I’ve played a lot of it, but I miss the big, winging alt-overhead on my swords.

  • i like the new animations, i didn’t like the 2 handed sword animations but they totally grew on me and it only took about 5-10 minutes of play to get used to. I definitely like the polearm, maul/gmace and axe type animatinos, and 1 hander animations MUCH better now too.

    i think it’s great.

    Like i said, when i first saw the 2hander animations i was like… oh god wtf they seemed all jerky and stuff, but after playing with them a bit i like them and am used to them now.

    Only think i notice is that with certain weapons, the overhead or stab windups are kind of jerky looking at OTHERS, and they seem to hit faster than they used to but it could just be me since i was told 3rd person anims weren’t changed, might just be something about how the animations actually release after windup or something idk.

  • I actually think the new camera/animations are more accurate. That being said, I wish they wouldn’t make my arms look like fat sausages. Just a visual aesthetic thing that has been bothering me.

  • Bubble has nothing to do with your ability to run around teammates, it’s enemy-only.

  • I’ve mostly gotten use to them. Most everything is fine, I still don’t like the 2hand sword animations. I also have a feeling that they changed Alt Slash’s tracers. Possibly something to do with animation changes making the need for the .1 windup increase not necessary? Either way, I can’t rainbow slash nearly as well as I used to.

  • @SlyGoat:

    Bubble has nothing to do with your ability to run around teammates, it’s enemy-only.

    are you sure on that slygoat? because when two teammates tried to go through a decently wide doorway before (the two archways on the edges of throneroom that separate the two halves of the map is a good example) it used to be bottleneck galore, even if it looked like there was room for both to squeeze if they could just get a tiny bit closer to eachother (which they could not, hence the bubble…).

    or are you 100% sure and everyone is wrong? I mean, it feels like teammate collision feels better but it may just be placebo. if its just placebo, then it still needs to be reduced…cause it was pretty awful before.

  • @SlyGoat:

    Bubble has nothing to do with your ability to run around teammates, it’s enemy-only.


    To everyone who called me a liar, retard, moron, idiot, **********, and fool.

    I told you so.

  • I’m loving the new GS animations tbh. Feels way more immersive.

  • Was averse to the new 2H sword anims at first, but they’ve definitely grown on me and I like them quite a bit now. Only one that irks me a bit still is the alt slash. Just seems too “floaty” at the beginning of the swing when he brings the sword to the left of the screen.

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