The game is amazing but….

  • I have just one challenge that I hope the Devs are looking at.

    I know I am new and all but i see the two-handers and pole type weapons as broke. In close quarters these weapons were often to large to wield properly. Instead they both employed staff smashes and hilt smashes as a close quarters defensive move.

    This chopping through 5 guys is next to impossible. The first armored soldier you hit would be the last of that swing and you would hope it was not your ally. The way it is setup now gives a great game a dose of too much arcade.

    Just some thoughts, other than that I very pleased with this game.

  • They’re going for Hollywood Realism.

    i.e, it’s an action based skill game.

    Didn’t you see the title? Medieval Warfare. This change was made from the original title, because they wanted to piggyback off the name sounding like Modern Warfare.

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