[WIP] Fortification Contest - Walled in (name not final)

  • **Walled In **(name not final) by Palmen

    My map that focuses on 3 areas, each one with a unique objective. The idea is that the level of intensity should increase throughout the level with smaller areas and more focused gameplay.

    Team Objective
    Defenders: Agatha
    Attackers: Mason

    Area 1: Push the thing

    A straight forward push objective were the attackers are supposed to push the cart objective. The attackers goal is the main gate of the defenders fort on top of the hill.

    Area 2: Kill innocent villagers

    The defenders need to the defend 3 different areas with a number of villagers. To complete the objective the attackers need to kill every villager in every area.

    Area 3: Kill the king

    To get access to the king the attackers need to smash a gate. During that time the defenders will have time to respawn and regroup. They also have the chance to decide what room they want to take their last stand in, choosing from 3 completely different ones.

    Steam Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=242073361&tscn=1396340744

  • WIP screenshots. Currently replacing all white blocks with actual meshes

  • The idea for the king objective sounds really interesting. Do you have any ideas as to how to make the 3 different areas have different defensive strategies?

  • The defensive strategies all have a similar purpose. Defend this thing.
    But all the areas does it in different ways and in different terrain to vary your strategies and class choices.

    The first area has open spaces with choke points that the cart needs to pass through. Archery is highly favored in the first area since you are somewhat protected if you get to the high ground.
    The cart arcs around the defenders spawn so it shouldn’t get easier to stop the cart since the walk distance is the same

    The second part is more close quarters and is more favored towards melee combat. There are still some spots which give archers great line of sight to pick of target at range. The most effective way to defend in the second area is to tactically spread out and call out where the enemy is heading towards. Since there are multiple ways of getting to the different villages its all about placing the right people at the right places.

    The third part is more or less explained in my first post.

    More pictures are coming later today.

  • It thought it might be very hard to grasp what the different areas actually look like so here are some fancy overview pictures.

  • So the first art pass is finally done.
    Let the playtesting commence!

  • Castle Interior is nicely detailed!

  • @Dr.Medic:

    Castle Interior is nicely detailed!

    Indeed, quite fleshed out and, looks good.

  • Aggregated feedback from the development team. If you have questions, or need clarification, please
    keep it in this thread. I will not be answering private messages. Remember, this is only Round 1,
    and nobody is out it at all.

    general feedback

    • The map is currently not functioning as intended. To play it, we had to use the command ‘startgamemanual’.
    • One player on the defending team spawns as a king as soon as the game starts and just has to sit there until the 3rd objective, at this point there end up being 2 kings.
    • Strong layout overall. Interior spaces however, were too tight for fighting. Particularly the church.
    • Solid Visuals, good use of the assets
    • Good flow and path manipulation.
    • Could use a collision smoothing pass
    • Could use some open areas in between. Becomes a bit claustrophobic. Maybe open up the courtyard?
    • A bit too cluttered in some areas
    • Test thoroughly, on a server, with at least one person.

    1st Objective Feedback

    • There were broken spawns for Agatha on this objective, so we were not able to properly test it. Agatha just falls through the landscape.

    2nd Objective Feedback

    • Strongest part of the map as far as layout is concerned.
    • Need better indication of where peasants are.
    • Interiors were tough to fight in, far too cramped.
    • Maybe vary it up with burnables/breakables.

    3rd Objective Feedback

    • Any attacker that is close to the door when it gets broken gets stuck in it’s remains.
    • The objective was a bit messed up as described above, we had two kings, but the interior layout was very polished.
    • This area looked to be the most polished collision and art wise. Bring the rest of the map up to this level of polish.
    • Throne Room might be a bit too large.

  • The map I got feedback on was an outdated version, i guess something wnt wrong with the upload :upset:

    But i’ve taken the rest into consideration and made a few layout changes. The biggest focus has been upgrading the visuals of the first and second area. I redid most of the art, now with a more distinct theme and palette.

    I just hope the map is actually playable now :dread:

  • Hello, I have given your map a few tests both offline with bots and online with quite a few players on Yarnu’s server.
    First off, you have a very beautiful map here. The general layout you have is very intuitive and easy to follow and the objectives run fairly smoothly. The architecture and atmosphere is very nostalgic, it almost reminds me of some maps from the original Unreal Tournament, which is always a BIG bonus in my book, Good job :)

    I have found a few bugs and a few things which just seem a little off.

    1. The Sky; It is very very red and a little to dark. A lot of people Who were testing with me also agreed that it needs to be lightened a little bit and less red. At the moment it is very reminiscent of an open Oblivion gate near by… haha
    perhaps just add a colour look up table with more blue into the sky?
    Also the skybox is a little too dull? perhaps you could add some cloud cover or something? I don’t know, that is just my opinion.

    2. At the start of the objective on the docks there is a mash of invisible walls that caused my player to clip constantly and get stuck.

    3. When you push the bomb cart to the door and complete the objective, the bomb cart moves in place and can constantly still be heard moving, quite annoying.

    4. In objective 2. the inner section of town you cannot die in the water. needs a kill volume to stop people getting stuck underwater.

    5. The church where the peasants hide suffers from the red atmosphere here a lot. It looks like a Daedric temple with worshipers. Need to experiment with lighting and make it a little less creepy.

    6. In the final objective in the castle you can jump over the railings and get stuck in the holes to the left and right. have to f10 to get out. Need to add invisible walls to stop people from falling in.

    7. There are only 2 entry ways (which are really close together) to get to the king hiding at the back. it is very very difficult for attackers to make it from their spawn and even get close to killing the king. Might need to work on some balancing here. play with spawns or make a flank or something to get to the king.
    Also you have Agatha coloured floor runners with mason banners, it looks a bit wrong.

    Anyway, that is all I could really find. A very good job, I really like this map. Good luck with the competition.

  • Okay so I played the map, and it looked really nice, however I did find a bug, the door on the picture here is transparent
    As you can see in the following pictures the door is transparent and can just be passed throu:

    Other than that:
    There were a few lightning errors.
    There was no forward spawn for the defending team once the objective got updated.

    Very nice map, will look forward to playing on it when its completed.

  • Map: Walled in

    Visual: Looks really great


    Balance [Defense]: DNF this map. Offense couldn’t manage to kill all the peasants.

    Bugs: Did not spot any

    Opinion: Was too hard for offense to get to the peasants; small doorways with only 1 entry. There was also alot going on at once; 2 places to defend peasants + a gate health bar (No idea what that was for, many players on at the time had a hard time understanding what to do at that point). A lot of fighting ended up happening on this small bridge, which hurt combat due to the small area to fight. Definitely has a lot of potential though.

  • NICE!

    I am really glad that u haven’t give up and haven’t stop working on map after 1st round
    (even it seemd finished on 1st round aswell)


    this map is must-have item for every CMW player :D

    we couldnt finish it though

    but I believe u are aware of it and will fix it soon

    keep up the progres :)

  • Wow what a great community! :D

    I have never gotten so much detailed and constructive feedback so quickly before. Thanks!
    I will hopefully be able to upload an updated version soon.

  • I just got to get a look at this map and here’s some feedback. I wont cover balance as I didn’t play with anyone when having a look around/testing objectives.

    -Overall great ideas and use of TB’s assets.
    -Lighting is balanced, though a bit strong in some places (peasant huts lights are very bright)
    -Sky material is good, but sky/dominant light doesn’t reflect the red “dusk” or “dawn” tinge. Maybe look into balancing that out a little.
    -Good placement of water assets
    -Garden area feels just a bit cluttered/oddly placed. Good way to fill the open space however.

    -The petard(cannon-ram), need to have the volumes disable once it reaches its destination else wise the rolling sound seems to keep playing even at a distance.
    -After killing all of the peasants (single player), game ends and says agatha wins, then changes to the masons winning.
    -Overall FPS was good.
    -Odd Sound issue with spectate music (probably nothing you can fix) in certain areas it starts to play really slow and gets scratchy. Seems to be when viewing models without backfacing.
    -Difficult to navigate around the intended playing space as spectator due to blocking volumes. Maybe consider a planned spectator camera path.

    Very good looking map and with some extra polish, it’d be an often played map I think.

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