Adding Custom MAPS to Chivalry Medievil Warefare Server NFO SERVER HELP

  • Hey everyone, I need some help here.

    I’m pulling my hair out trying to get a certain STEAM workshop map onto my NFO Chivalry Medievil Warefare server. Everywhere IO turn (inclduing NFO’s own support page) I get this link sent back to me. … om+content

    I understand exactly how the above pertains to adding custom maps, but it does not work that way on my server. Adding the required parameters to my start command line only crashes the server, or keeps it unlisted from the public for some reason.

    On top of that, even after getting the command entry to work, the custom maps are not downloaded, and virtually nothing happens.

    Preferably I need STEP BY STEP instructions on exactly how this is done on an NFO server.

    I’m trying to host a tournament on this map. : … =233461638

    Any help would be greatly, GREATLY appreciated.


    EDIT: I.E. I even entered the EX command line given by the link I first provided to add certain mods, that being… AOCTO-Shore_alpha_p?steamsockets?modname=BlackKnight -sdkfileid=230012942 -sdkfileid=232823090 -sdkfileid=229405113

    again though, this simply does not work as intended and the maps and mods are not automatically downloaded at all.

  • I have noticed that some maps are simply broken coming from the steam workshop. If you can get the map to load when you create a game then you have a good chance if it getting to run on your server. You have to upload the __CMWSDKFiles version of that file to your server in the same folder.

    I have not been able to get that map to run on either my PC or on my server.

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