Being King / Well I didn't vote for you

  • I don’t want to ever be king. The ‘reject kingship’ key is not enough, as by the time I notice I’m about to be king it’s too late, and pressing it after the game has made the decision is futile.

    So, something in the options please, a box to check so you won’t ever be king.

    Oh and a bug: if you spectate during the period between being chosen as king and spawning the game won’t spawn a king, effectively creating a no-win scenario for the attackers.

  • That is a delicious bug.

  • Yes, I discovered it quite by accident in one of my efforts to Not Be A King, and was then kicked because people thought I did it on purpose.

    Heavy is the head that wants no part of wearing a crown.

  • I always forget to pgup, especially if I’m in the middle of a brawl when doors go down. If there is like 10 minutes or more, I leave the server and re enter it. The next scorer in line is automatically nominated when the king leaves.

  • Suck it up, someone has to be king.

  • Whats not to like about being king - run forward and lead the attack outside the walls.

  • I real king doesn’t die (or live) in the back of the throne room like a Craven. No he leads the charge to reclaim the doors that are rightfully his. IMO, if you are not fighting at the Doors by the time the maps ends, you are a failure king.

    It also the responibility of the king to take command and spam those voice commands like a boss. FORWARRDD, RETREAT, THEIR COMING UP ON OUR REAR.

    One suggestion to TB, make the retreat command more a command that a craven ALL IS LOST RETREAT! Sometimes it’s a good idea to give a little ground, in order to regroup and Crush your enemies, drive them before you and hear the lamentations of their women!

  • A king should be prudent, and not a beserker charging ahead of his army to be swiftly overwhelmed and cut down.

  • No king worth his salt would get cut down.

    Not only that but the goal is to own the control of your doors by the end of the map. You need to work your way there, and keep good command of your team so that they all work together to make sure it happens. A king worthy of the title!

  • a real king lets his men rest from the long battle and with his doubleaxe in hand he takes back the gates in a glorious fury of bloodshed and rage!

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