Steam Protocol Links for Private Servers

  • Has anyone figured out to make a Steam protocol link on their website or forums for a private server? I’ve tried everything I can think of and even posted on these forums with still no luck. One of the developers suggested:

    That doesn’t work, the game just ignores anything between the IP and -cmw settings and tells you the server requires a password. So I tried moving the ?password bit after the -cmw but it does the same. This was never an issue until the new launcher and it’s been a serious pain. I know it’s not really secure but the aim isn’t really to keep everyone out, just help prevent it. If a steam link isn’t possible is there a way to make a java applet or something to do this?I really need this to work so any suggestions would be welcome.

  • Developer

    You need to escape the “?” as well; question marks have a special meaning in a URL.


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