B3 is unable to store players’ IP protocols in the data base

  • Hello Developers, I was hoping to install the B3 plugin in my server in order to show players’ geographical location when they connect, but this isn’t possible due to the fact that RCON protocol doesn’t store IP protocol in the data base.
    I’ve been looking at the server message “PLAYER_CONNECT” of the RCON protocol and I can only see the player name + steamid string.

    I was wandering if you would be willing to add the message to de RCON protocol so that it stores the IPs in the data base.

    Thank you in advance. I look forward for your reply.

    Best regards.

  • is possible?

  • Doubt it since the games seems to use steam sockets for player connections

  • Hi MonkeyFiend, I have hosted another game servers and stored the IP protocols in the database without problems, too client steam ids, it´s a different string, the problem seem that Chiv RCON protocol is not sending IP protocols information, it´s closed that string.

  • Indeed at the moemt there’s nothing in the protocol for ip info. But suspect while servers have the steam sockets option set it won’t be aa simple fix and since it’d be some fair development work to get it working and it’d be a bit nichesniches

  • IPs can be seen in udklogging server window steamworks lines, I think it is not difficult to integrate this message to RCON protocol, the same as integrate steamids, aliases etc I guess.


  • We’ll it’d take some dev time. Suspect there will be things higher up the list oF prioRities and improvements

  • Yes I understand, it´s just mentioning if you can this in the future, thanks for answer MonkeyFiend ;)

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