Are ragdolls server sided or client sided?

  • Are ragdolls server sided or client sided?

    Just wana know, Cause if its server sided then both people could see someone chop a corpse into pieces :D

    Also, if its server sided could server owners change the duration of ragdolls?

  • I don’t know but one thing I absolutely love with this over Warband is that the dead don’t just instantly “ghost” -leading to an empty air swing that generally results in friendly fire.

  • Client sided. But we made it so that if you decap a ragdoll, other people will see it too.

  • Ahh, Thats genius lol. So is there any way to make them stay longer?

  • Developer

    We’ll be adding a slider or option to let clients customize the length that ragdolls stay. It will eat at FPS if you don’t have a strong rig though.

  • EAT AWAY! May they never go away!

    In M&B I could handle 200 corpses on the field without issue! :P

  • Agreed! Keep those bodies there. Shall test my rig’s power by adding more and more lol

    Sapphire HD 7970 3gb OC @[forget the numbers]
    i5-3570k @4.5ghz
    8g Ram @1600MHZ

  • I have minimum graphics on so I can have as many corpses as I want. Also, please make shields and equipped weapons disappearing when people die. I killed a guy with a tower shield and his shield and sword disappeared as he fell. Another time I saw a guy with a bardiche get his head sliced off, and then his giant weapon just disappeared :( It looks weird to see dead bodies without their weapons.

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