Can We Get an Optimization Patch Sometime Soon?

  • This is basically showing me that I can max this game. I should be able to. Most people should be able to. Yet I’m playing below my standard resolution. Which standard is only 1360x768 and on the lowest graphics and I still get slow downs on maps like Citadel, I have to deal with annoying fog on some maps as well which impairs my long distance visions that other players get. The game used to run fine on max graphics. It’s slowly getting worse. I’d much rather see this sort of stuff and bug fixes first and then work on pumping out the new content into a more stable game.

  • What’s your CPU Tyson, have you run Stat unit and balanced your threads to get maximum performance out of your computer? No point gimping your graphics if your CPU is taking its sweet time to render a frame for example.

  • I’ve got an i5 750. I’m not sure how Stat unit works to be perfectly honest. My GPU is a 5850 and I’ve got 12GB of RAM.

  • i5 750

    That be your biggest problem. The Unreal engine is fairly CPU intensive compared to other engines. In Chiv’s case a good chunk of CPU time is devoted to playing sounds, among other things.

    Basically there is little TB can do to change that, nor should they. You are running a very old CPU, my 955BE is old and it struggles with chiv. I overclocked it from 3.2ghz to 3.8ghz and that helped a lot.

    Your CPU has good news and bad news. Bad news is it has a locked multiplier, making it difficult to overclock (compared to CPU’s with unlocked multiplier, like my BE). Good news: The i5 750 has been known to overclock quite well, with some people reaching 4.0ghz. It comes down to your individual CPU and motherboard (plus cooling).

    Your GPU is also a bit weak, but it won’t be the main cause of your low FPS, not with a i5 750 @ 2.66 ghz.
    Your RAM won’t do squat to increase performance after 8gig (probably less, maybe even 4gigs).

    So if you can OC your CPU to maybe 3.2ghz, then it will be a more consistent match with your GPU and you will notice a huge improvement in performance.

    Or just suck it up and upgrade man.

  • Thanks for the good reply. I plan to upgrade in the near future. I’m currently on suspension and unemployed until I finish my TAFE and become an electrician, so I’m a bit tight on my money until then. It’s just strange that it’s struggling when it never used to. I’ve OC’d my GPU to 805MHz and 1150MHz and had no problems with cooling. It’s just a relatively standard case with fans, so I’m stressed about overheating on the CPU.

    Is the best method to OC the CPU going through BIOS? I’ve never attempted it before.


  • You have to go through bios. You may want to read up about it before you do. Also stock coolers on CPU’s can be pretty limiting, make sure you have a hardware monitor running in the background so you can check temperatures.

  • Ah bugger. I just installed the Turbo V software off the CD that game with my motherboard. No idea what I’m doing though. Not sure this is worth risking to be honest.

  • The reason you’re not getting good performance isn’t because the game isn’t optimised, it’s because your computer is using old and outdated hardware.

    The i5-750 has a boost turbo frequency to 3.2GHz, the CPU self regulates the clock speed depending on the temp. You’re not going to be able to overclock a cpu with a locked multiplier (didn’t know that was possible?), and even if you could, which takes a fair bit of knowledge so you don’t permanently damage your CPU, I doubt you’d be able to get stable temps at higher than stock speeds with the stock cooler.

    So basically if you want better performance, you’ll need a new PC. Though you could upgrade the GPU to a modern one- games do in fact rely on the GPU power a lot more than CPU- but it’d still be a guess whether or no the CPU bottleneck would prevent any significant performance increase.

    Also you might want to post a full list of your specs in the computer hardware thread in the off topic section.

  • The game was running on full graphics at release using the exact same hardware. So I still blame the game more than I do my PC.

    Another thing I’ve noticed which points to poor optimization. I have a 64bit OS. (Win 7 Ultimate) Yet when I run this game at 64bit, my FPS drops by a huge amount, the game is almost unplayable. When I force it to run at 32bit, it runs better. Why?

  • Oh absolutely his CPU is bottle necking, my stronger CPU bottlenecks me. Getting a better GPU will make very little if any difference.

    What he can do though is start bumping up his GPU specific options so that his game looks nicer and doesn’t hurt performance. Basically you type: stat unit, in console. Then change video options so that the (from memory) GPU thread (or the other name) matches the Game thread, or sits just under it. Any option that increases Game Thread should be scaled back. Once the two are running at about the same rate during battle, then you can say you have balanced Chiv settings for the best you can get with your hardware.

    A good place to start is this in console:
    scale lowend

    Then put your resolution up to the desired level 1300xwhatever probably. Then start pumping up settings. The reason for scale lowend is because it will run the game in Bucket 1 (I think) that has many options not avaiable in the video/game options screen.

    Ragdolls at 5 or less. At 0 bodies disapear as soon as they die, like the moment they die, no animation or anything really jarring, and you can’t teabag or cut up dead bodies.

  • I might do some fiddling around. Thanks. I just did a auto level up in BIOS for my CPU and set it to 2.93. While doing a torture test in prime95 I got this error

    FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4Hardware failure detected, consult stress.txt file.

    Any clue as to what this means? Is one core on my CPU possibly stuffed?

  • Like I said I really wouldn’t try to OC, just reset the settings and leave it be.

  • TB should just get their shit together. Btw, I get 50 fps on darkforest now since the last patch for some reason. Still 20 on citadel though lol

  • @wyrda78:

    Like I said I really wouldn’t try to OC, just reset the settings and leave it be.

    Thanks. I reverted it back. Going to perform a torture test again and see the results. Hopefully nothing major.

    I’m wondering about my RAM as well… I just read this “All of the RAM you have installed should have matching speed and bandwidth. If they don’t match, your system will be clocked down to the slowest stick, reducing performance.”
    Two sticks are 2GB DDR3 on slot 1 and 3 and the other two are 4GB DDR3. All Kingston RAM. Can this cause issues?

  • Hey Toll, could you post what a a good stat unit graph should look like. I would screenshot but my steam overlay hasn’t been working since like December. Anywho, I used to be able to max this game last year with my 670 and my 3570k(@4.5ghz) at around 120fps.

    Now I’m struggling to get that level of performance with each new patch. Doesn’t happen with any other game I play either :/

  • @afiNity:

    TB should just get their shit together. Btw, I get 50 fps on darkforest now since the last patch for some reason. Still 20 on citadel though lol

    I get the complete opposite. 50 on citadel 20 on darkforest.

  • I don’t think an optimisation patch is necessary.

    Running an i5 750, GTX 560 TI, 4GB RAM at 1920x1080 on max settings and the game runs great (50+ FPS) without stuttering.

    I believe either your graphics card may be the problem, or your computer is overheating. Have you tried checking your temperatures and have you recently cleaned your computer? Also are you running a 64bit OS? I assume so with that much RAM, but if you’re only using a 32bit version of an OS then you are only able to use 3.5GB of that RAM.

  • I get solid 60 everywhere (except sometimes it dips into 40 in citadel 2nd phase) with everything maxed except motion blur. :tranquillity:

    But yeah, it might be your CPU and/or integrated sound card. Yes, sound card can cause performance dips, as silly as it sounds. This game isn’t GPU intensive at all unless you turn on bloom and other eyecandy.

    If you feel like experimenting, try these absolutely minimum graphics settings:
    If you are still getting bad performance then it’s definately your CPU or sound card. You could also try updating sound card drivers.

  • After reverting settings, and after installing the software that came with my motherboard I noticed I was getting 90FPS in game. I decided to delete my settings files and verify the game and then max it. I’m now getting a solid 60FPS on the few custom maps I’ve been in.

  • That error means your CPU is struggle to hold those particular clock settings, and is at high risk of random crashes. Overclocking, particularly on multiplier locked CPU, is about balancing a range of different settings. North bridge speeds, voltages and so forth.
    If you are getting errors like that, you push the voltage up a little. This makes the OC’d CPU more stable, logically, but it also steps up the heat generation (you’re consuming more power). CPU’s have a rated max voltage that you should really not push past unless you are willing to loss it all. You’ll have to look it up for an i5 750 (your specific model too).

    It is quite an art made significantly easier by using multiplier unlocked CPU’s. Something certainly worth looking at for your next CPU.

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