Ranged weapons dealing damage to AOCStaticMeshes.

  • I notice that AOCStaticMeshes don’t seem to take damage from ranged weapons, is this a bug? Is it intended behaviour? If so, any suggestions for a work around?

    I’d like to base some events on destroying objectives out of melee range (i.e with ranged weapons).

  • You’ve already tried messing around with the f4 option related to damage types? If nothing works you could use the UDKKActorBreakable which accepts ranged damage, albeit from both teams.

  • Yeah already tried messing with damage types, which would likely no do anything anyway as it’s just a check on damage source. I suspect they’ve disabled ranged weapons from dealing damage to get around archer spam on objectives.

    The UDKKactorBrekable was sort of my backup. The big issue is the physics is not required, and actually poses a few issues such as the actors falling to the ground because, you know, gravity. Also they only seem to take damage once, and don’t seem to fire a Destroyed event.

    EDIT: OK! After taking a look at the training ground tutorial map (shudder) the archer training segment uses standard InterpActors. While these don’t have the useful tools their AOC brethren have they do accept ranged weapon hits, which adds to my suspicion they may have just turned them off.

  • Mistake, the delete post don’t run.

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