Want to compete in a tourney that actually gives out prizes? Join Jack's Tournament!

  • Hey all, I run Jack’s Tournament of Champions over on STEAM. If you haven’t heard of it yet; it’s an attempt to hold competitive tournaments across the globe with real, high dollar prizes in return for winning.

    At the moment we are already holding our first tourney (registration closed) on April 5th-6th; with first prize netting a Dark Souls 2 Pre-order, as well as a second and third place prize as well. I’m talking some serious payout for winning these things!

    Although this first tourney is closed due to the number of signups and deadlines; I will be holding at least 1 a month on my own finances, (I’m paying for the prizes, servers and everything else straight out of pocket) Hopefully we can get this thing sponsored or set up on a donation basis in the future and help it to become self-sustaining.

    What I would like from the competitive community, is a possible formation of a council where we can discuss tournament regulation and balance. If anyone is interested, please let me know!

    Below is a short vid we made to promote the tourney. Those of us involved love Chivalry Medieval Warfare like the filthy peasant sons and daughters we never had; and would like to continue to develop and grow the community in this fashion. Hopefully with a little more support I can start holding tourneys for all levels and ranks.


    Let me know what you guys think in regards to everything above,


    EDIT: RESULTS VIDEO NOW AVAILABLE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QIm3N9Sdu4

  • Is this a North American tournament or European?

  • Eventually both; at the moment North American.

  • When you purchase your own servers for the tournament, be sure to set the tickrate to 128. The default tickrate for Chivalry servers is 30 which is just god-awful. 128 will also lower people’s pings by 20-40 which is a huge difference.

  • Sounds awesome. I’ll definitely join the next one. Too bad though, really wanted Dark souls 2. ;)

  • @Flippy, thanks for the advice m8!

    @Radiant, We will have more, would love to have you!



    Good luck mates! Nothin’ like a duel tournament to bring us all together, heh.

  • @flippy, can you explain where the tick rate is found? File wise?

  • Very fun tournament guys! Grats to the winners and gfs to everyone. Thank you to Jack for hosting it, hehe.

    For the record, everyone who participated in this tournament got prizes, as this was the first tournament in (hopefully) a long line of monthly tournies. For those who didn’t participate in this one, make sure to keep an eye on the next tournament. Would be even more fun with more people. Oh, also, the prizes are fuckin’ SWEET.


  • Good tournament. It was set up well, didn’t run into any problems, A++ would kill for again.

    I would help out with hosting the server if Chivalry would be Linux-able without wine cough cough. If you need a server to occupy though for short times you could contact unborn and he would probably help out.

  • Wow. Best tournament I’ve ever been to. The setup was great, extremely immersive, and the atmosphere was both competitive and respectful. The difficulty was perfect, and the upsets were awesome. Maps were neat, and the chives+ mechanics ideal. Don’t even get me started about the prizes (too good).
    No complaints.
    So good.

  • @Jack:

    @flippy, can you explain where the tick rate is found? File wise?

    UDKEngine.ini is where it’s located.

  • We had a good first tourney imo; I apologize to the few who couldn’t make it, or couldn’t get on because of crashes with chiv+; to the late comers or last minute call-ins this was unavoidable unfortunately.

    TOP 5

    1st - ѕιи | Shack
    2nd - ѕιи | gσ∂ кιиg
    3rd - Threat
    4th - Ƙ† | Woohoopy
    5th - ℬ | God of Kuristianity

    Below if a highlight real of the whole thing; enjoy!



    PS: @flippy, definitely made a difference; thanks.

  • The whole custom map design for the tournament is really cool, too. :)

  • @Radiant, did I need to put you down for our next tourney April 19th?

  • I’m interested in competing in the duel tournament this Saturday. I’m not 100% sure I can make it, but I’d like to be signed up; and I apologize ahead of time if I can’t make it, but most likely I can. Thx.

  • will donate a product to prize fund ( providing game works in time )

  • @Parkrangerstan - Please link me your steam id on here; I would prefer you really, really try to make it on time if you plan to compete; as nearly 25 people will be waiting. Please keep in mind though that you you don’t make the 15-minute grace period the tournament will start without you. It will start at exactly 8PM EST Time. Happy to have you though if you can make it!

    @Loin - That’d be great! I’m currently accepting only one kind of donation; due to the fact that steam will not let me accept funds from other players to pay for gifts. (unless you know something I don’t which is possible)

    By donating directly to my server, you alleviate my monthly payment. If you wanted to do what some have already done and pay for the $10 prizes for 3rd place; they simply donated $10 via paypal directly to my server. You can pay however much you want, or however little to a minimum of $5. Any little bit helps and I highly appreciate it.

    That way instead of me taking $10 out of my pocket to pay for prizes; I take it out of the funds I would have had to use for my server. By donating to the server, you donate to the whole tournament in that way and funds allocated for server usage become funds for prizes and so on and so forth.

    A second way you can donate; and this is totally up to you is to sponsor A separate prize bracket altogether. EX: Loin has donated Dark Souls 2/ or Elder Scrolls 6/ etc etc… in addition to whoever wins first place will also get Loins gift. That way you’d be promoted as a supporter of the tourney; and something like that gets you an officer position in my group as well. Seeing as you donated so much to help me keep the tournament going. Of course; you’d have to make good on your offer once the tournament ended, ut that’s a given.

    • Direct server donations here…



  • Unfortunately I think I may have to drop from the tournament.
    My ping to your server is 92-110 by myself, with other players I can imagine it rising over 100 and remaining up there steady.

    Best luck to everyone else.

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