Ridiculously fast combination

  • You are simply NOT, just NEVER, supposed to be able to get free hits on your opponent, under any circumstances.

    It has always annoyed me but today was pretty much the limit after one MAA knew how ‘exploitable’ it was and did nothing but it.

    I’m talking about Men at Arms with a fast weapon and a shield. Who then shield bash you and follow up with a stab, which magically goes through your parry. Even the Dane Axe stab is fast enough for it. Ridiculous.
    Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Maybe it only happens with the ones with higher ping. But either way; it’s unfair how with some weapons all you have to do is shield bash(short one, not the fully charged one) and deliver a free, unblockable stab.

  • Does your camera slightly readjust itself when you’ve been kicked? I know there’s a strategy some MaA can do where they kick you and then hit you with a fast weapon right as your first person camera does this weird jump in position, this is what can throw off your parry aim.

  • That’s because overheads hit faster with shield, same as old alt swings did.

  • I think he was talking about only shield bash into stabs rumpel but yeah it’s pretty bullshit that shields still have that old alt attack timing bug with overhead.

  • Both the overhead and the stabs. Forgot to mention the slightly faster overheads with shields, which makes absolutely no sense even when considering it’s a bug.

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