Throwing Axes/Knives + Flinch

  • As it currently stands, even with a fast weapon like the Broadsword it can be physically impossible to flinch someone before they have time to throw a point blank axe in your face. Even if you stab them and immediately combo into a look down overhead, if you’re even slightly off with your timing and don’t have the overhead inside the player as you hit release, the enemy has enough time to just spam click a throwing weapon into you and flinch you back, perhaps even throwing another one at you right after and flinching you again or just killing if it’s a throwing axe as they can 2 shot vanguards.

    Should we increase the flinch time ever so slightly so that people can no longer do this? In my mind, if you catch someone out with their throwing weapons drawn then they should be the ones at fault and should be punished for it. Yet they have enough time, even against one of the faster weapons in the game, to just spam their left mouse and get a shot off. It’s not difficult to hit with these weapons, especially someone who is face hugging you (because you will need to if you want any hope of flinching them before they throw).

    Slower two handers are a completely different story yet the results are largely the same. Even with their .8 flinch time, they can still throw an axe/knife into you if you have a sluggish combo time which most 2handers do save the Claymore.

    Maybe adding .1 or .15 flinch time to all hits when you have a throwing projectile drawn? This would mean throwing axe/knife/smoke pot/oil pot. To alleviate this, maybe allow weapon switching mid flinch to encourage the player to pull out their bloody weapon instead of trying to throw a point blank axe at someone?

    Oh and to top it all off, throwing axes/knives/oil pots love to flinch you in release, I sure love it when that happens. :^)


  • throwing weapons aren’t that hard to dodge and close in on and if you can get a hit on them while they have it out they should be dead by the time you are through… don’t really think they need any sort of usage nerf.

    and i think all projectiles like to flinch in release, you’re forgetting arrows ;-O

  • That’s the thing though, I can hit them once and they still can just mash left mouse and have enough time to throw it before I can hit them with the combo. And that’s with a fucking broadsword of all weapons.

  • Throwing weapons are very hard to get right point blank.

    Thiugh I do think that the 0.8 flinch time is a little low. Its what it was increased in the first places. Problem was it was massively increased.

  • @DokB:

    That’s the thing though, I can hit them once and they still can just mash left mouse and have enough time to throw it before I can hit them with the combo. And that’s with a fucking broadsword of all weapons.

    I’ve never been able to do this. Ever. If I’m facehugged with my throwables out it’s game over. Could spam till the cows come home. Might be my ping disadvantage though.

  • +1 I hate shotgun throwing axes

  • increasing the flinch will only ruin gameplay more guys, that’s one of the major problems with the balance in this game.

    if anything flinch needs to be lowered more freed up combat that’s somewhat reactive gameplay and not predictive gameplay.

    the fact that you can single hit people back to back to back to back (aka flinch locking) proves this theory correct that the flinch time is way to high, not allowing you to defend against this exploit.

  • I’d like to see throwing weapons reworked entirely, they’re pretty unsatisfying to use or fight against.

    Rather than just spawning a sticky object with a miniscule hitbox that seems to fly out the player’s eyes, how about it being a real melee object until it leaves the hand? Meaning it has similar tracers. This’d feel much better to throw point blank, and it’d connect properly.

    On the flip side, the throwing weapon now becomes parryable if you can get behind it, maybe even after it’s left the hand.

    On the original unflipped side (keep up) perhaps now it’d be fair to use the throwing weapon as a full on melee weapon. You could block, overhead and stab with it, or throw it.

    This’d make for some pretty awesome heroics imo:

  • Hang on.

    Revise that. I want ALL weapons to be able to behave this way.

  • Only if the zweihander 1hits archers when thrown.

  • Anything big would be like this:

  • I use the throwing axes a lot and often get stuck in a situation where an enemy much too close to me. In these situations the throwing axe flinch is kind of a last desperate save that I have adapted to in order to allow me enough time to switch weapons and is no where near the ideal situational use of the throwing axe that many people have suggested. Hitting a moving target within striking distance is much harder than you described and if you fail to hit with the first throw the engagement is over as the enemy will strike you, flinching you each time and not giving you enough time to switch weapons or throw the second axe. Lastly we already have a melee throwing hatchet, it is still called the hatchet and is a secondary weapon of the vanguard.

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