[WIP] Fortification Map Contest - WychWood Castle

  • Hey there,

    My name is Eric and I’m excited to take part in this map building contest. I relatively new at this so bare with me…

    I will be posting my progress through out the contest. Any tips, critiques or positive feedback are welcome.

    Good Luck everyone !

  • Welcome! Looking forward to seeing the level :)

  • Welcome to the forums Eric, and good luck with your entry to the contest.

  • Here is a quick update on my progress. I am currently working on this project alone so I have decided to make a smaller more confined map. This will allow player battles to achieve maximum carnage. As for the castle, I have just added a tiled texture which I sculpted in Zbrush and baked down in 3ds Max. I will be adding more detail as I work my way through this contest.

    I hope everyone is having fun! :)

    Map- Summary
    Small to medium size map. There will be a playable terrain outside of the castle walls to add earthy elements. The castle’s iron gates will randomly close and open during game play to trap players inside of the courtyard for a “nowhere to hide” battle ground. The castle’s courtyard will be populated with a market and possibly different ground levels to set an interesting playing field for the player.

    Still lots to do so I’m going to get back to work!

  • Started to block out the landscape. Still plenty of feathers to be plucked.

    I hope everyone is doing well :)

  • Unfortunately I’ve had a lot to deal with in the past month. Life stuff and all but I’m finally going to be able to get back at it :) Here is a quick up date. Placed in a few trees and a quick sky box.

    Congrats to the top five contestants! Your maps look amazing!

    Hope all is well with everyone :)

  • Eric you may not be aware but this is a Team Objective map contest. This means 3 unique objectives and safe spawn points etc…

    Just wondering because your map is based in one small area and it may be hard to figure out 3 objectives for it.

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