Where is Age of Chivalry section?

  • Too much time has passed since my last visit and i can’t find any AoC threads. Did TBS wiped it?

  • Yeah it is either too hard to find or has been deleted. What is it that you want to know. I rand AOC servers for years with lots of custom maps, still have much of those maps sitting on a fast DL server. I also got zombies and antlions and other baddies to spawn in game.

    I have a small AOC section on the KiLa Forums if you have any questions. http://kilas.enjin.com/

  • There was just no point to have the AoC section up anymore unfortunately.

  • Actually there was since it is still being hosted and maintaining legacy content is really not costly in terms of forum content. Sad to hear. I wish they would release the source code. Now that would be interesting to see a team revamp it.

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