Do swords really bounce off another?

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    Piggott answered by explaining their detailed hit-detection system, which you can see running in the video here. It sounds very cool. Each blade has a unique vector that it traces as it slices, and the mouse allows players to arc and redirect their attacks mid-swing. As a result, swords can bounce off of one another, and the game’s three main attacks can be tweaked and adjusted on the fly.

    -Kotaku Interview

    Meaning if two weapons are both pressed to attack and happen to cross the same plane -what happens? I’ve never seen a block or riposte this way. Does weight play a factor and the heavier weapon “push” the lighter one aside?

  • That’s either outdated or misconstrued. Weapons don’t bounce off eachother.

  • Developer

    That was a misinterpretation of the game’s mechanics on kotaku’s part. We’ve never claimed that swords bounced off each other.

  • Weapons don’t bounce off each other.

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