Battlegrounds Optimization

  • Can this map please get optimized?

    Its nearly unplayable sometimes. Its unacceptable how looking at certain parts of the map can make you lose 40 frames.

    Like the granary or the market-windmill when its on fire or when looking at the bomb cart from the Mason side.

    Its basically not playable in a 32 player server.

    Normally I hover around 50-90 FPS but on battlegrounds I’ve seen it go below 20.

  • yep same here even with my tweaks on a full server of 24, 32 is not even playable on many maps. After tweaking and testing over a year basically getting some results but plateauing, I am beginning to think that a lot of it is still the netcoding trying to cram all that melee info, positions, swing trace positions and reactions all in milliseconds forcing it back and forth to and from the servers while your PC struggles to try and generate that info in real time.

    See I have tried to lower textures to Quake2 levels and bone mesh LOD to those levels as well and there is virtually no difference, maybe 10-20 FPS. What seems to kill FPS is large open views and as more players join in the servers the FPS drops 5-10 FPS per player so that on a full 24 man server, the fps hit starts around 12 players and increases.

    Turning down the BoostPlayerTextures=3.0 to 0.0 (UDKEngine.ini) does help some along with turning down all the pretty lighting and shadow effects (UDKSystemSettings.ini). I know many that still FPS drop on high settings on some maps like battlegrounds and shitidel.

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