Builder Brush, where art thou? And 50min lightmass compile!?

    So I decided to just copy/paste the entire level contents to a new level.

    However I am still getting 50mins + compile time for lighting.

    I read somewhere about the cause being due to foliage. And come to think of it, this is most likely the cause of the slow down, because it only happened after I started adding foliage to the map.

    Apparently I can change the foliage shadows so it only projects from dynamic lights, so that every piece of foliage doesn’t get a baked shadow.
    I am going to look further into this on my next map compile.

    There is also mention about the lightmap/shadowmap resolution of objects being too high, so that’s yet another thing to check out.

    I have somehow managed to destroy my builder brush. It still exists, but…it doesn’t :P

    It looks literally the same as this image:

    Unfortunately, hitting “B” does not do anything to help my cause in this case.

    I can find the brush by hitting F2, however it just doesn’t have any size or form. It has no vertices or anything.

    It should have 12 tri’s when selected, yet shows up as having zero :\

    The reasoning I need my builder brush is because when I compile my lightmass, it takes about 50mins to an hour (wtf?).
    And inside the error log it tells me I need to build a lightmassImportanceVolume otherwise it’ll take forever to build the lightmass.

    My work-around at the moment is to go into my test map, create the volume, copy it, go back to my main map and paste it, but as you can imagine, this is not ideal.

    I am thinking the other solution is to select everything in the level, copy it, make a new level and paste it all before re-building…just to get my builder brush back :P

    Has anybody else builder brush become glitched before?

  • 50 mins lightmaping isn’t that surprising or high. It depends on your system really.

  • Developer

    Depends also on level complexity and the quality level you’re building at, but that’s really not that obscene depending. We have the benefit of having all the computers in the office running Unreal Swarm agents, but when we were remote building lightmass took a lot of time and pain.

  • Hmmmm, yeah, it seems to be the case, based on what I have read online, light building times can take forever.
    My machine has 16gb of RAM and it ran of of memory doing a production build :(
    My scenery is quite complex.
    I am just doing preview builds for the time being, they only take about 8mins without foliage :P

  • Whenever I lose my brush, I click on an object in the screen and right click on the cube brush on the toolbar and set the size and build it. That might work for you.

  • Developer

    Yeah, that, your builder brush just lost its shape at some point and you need to give it a new shape, so just click the cube. I don’t know why that happens…

    Personally I wouldn’t ever bother with a production build unless you’re never going to touch your map ever again. The difference between preview and medium is pretty big, but between medium and production isn’t that big of a big deal visually but a huge deal time wise.

  • Also, check your quick flags menu and make sure the Builder Brush didn’t somehow get unchecked.

  • Cool, thanks guys!
    I worked around the builder brush issue the other day by copying the entire map to a new map with a new builder brush.
    But if it happens again (more than likely as I don’t know how it happened in the first place), then it would be great to have a quick fix, not do the painful work-around :P

  • Just as a tip for anybody who does run into this annoying issue, I found a quick work-around.

    Go into the default UDK map (one with a cube in the middle), or if you have a map with the cube shaped builder brush.
    Select the builder brush.
    Go up to the Brush menu and click export.
    Export the brush as the t3d file format somewhere.

    If your brush ever gets messed up in your map, beyond fixing manually, simply go to the Brush menu, and import the t3d file :)

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