Can't Spawn Players

  • Ok so I’m getting this error when I try to test my map in the editor…

    “Couldn’t Spawn Player: Could not find a starting point”

    This problem started 2 days ago, and I can’t seem to find a solution. I have player starts for each team and the paths have been built.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?

    (I was also just starting to setup forward spawning when this started happening)

  • You are rebuilding paths i take it - does it throw any errors when doing so. I have found that sometime, player start node go invalid for some reason and you have to move them slightly for them to work again.

    If that doesn’t work - what type of player start are you using precisely?

  • Are they AOC_Playerstarts. Different from the default UDK ones.
    Did you set the faction to something other than EFAC_NONE?
    Are they snapped to the ground (ctrl+end I think) and not inside of geometry?
    Did you build Paths AND Geometry?
    Is your gametype set to something in the world properties (especially the PIE mode)?

    That is all I have.

  • Yeah they’re AOC_PlayerStarts and they’re set to each faction. The paths and geometry have built built as well. Gametype is set to TO. I’ll check out the errors again but I don’t remember seeing any relating to the Player Starts.

  • If you share your map i will have a look if you like

  • Double check in the spawn properties that they are actually enabled. Sounds silly since they are enabled by default, but you never know.

  • Ok so I deleted everything and started over, and now they seem to be working. Strange. I guess the player starts can corrupt. I did notice that when I add a player start set to EFAC_NONE, this error seems to come back. I know you need at least one for the load camera and for the forward spawning.

    Thanks for the help everyone!

  • hello guys,

    for sure there was some update that made sth with spawns

    I am 100%, several days ago changing spawns in TO stages were working for me (I always test asap)

    today I uploaded workshop and noticed (in game) it is not working so I tried it in UDK because before it was working and now it doesn’t work even in editor, no idea why I didn’t change anything

    sorry for no help OP
    I meant just also I have some problems with spawns that have started recently and there is no logic explanation for it : /


    I had error in kismet
    everything works, my bad

    sorry guys for spam :|

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